10 New Gadgets That Must Be on Your 2018 Wish List


We all are aware that even technology cannot keep up with its own pace. There is a gadget for everything and an update for every gadget. An unending cycle. No sooner that you lay your hands on something special, a competitor launches something extraordinary for us users, to chase. While 2017 has a lot to boast about its hottest and record-breaking gadgets, 2018 wouldn’t want to stay far behind with its hoard of equipment. And to keep you on your marks, we list down 10 of the most awaited gadgets of 2018…

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List of New Gadgets of 2018

No. 1 – Nokia 9

nokia 9
Nokia 9

Starting with smartphones and with the ‘once upon a time juggernaut’ mobile phone manufacturing company, Nokia. Having made a formidable comeback with Nokia 8, the 9th edition should bring in more luck to this tech-giant with its curved edge and waterproof structure. The only feature that distinguishes Nokia from other smart phones is the ‘Bothie’ feature where the user can click a picture from the front and the back camera simultaneously. This, along with its famous partnership with Zeiss Lenses should offer the long-term Nokia fans something excited to look forward to.

No. 2 – Skinners


Are you into sports? Well, even if you are not, this fascinating footwear will revolutionize the way you walk around forever. It’s a simple-to-wear replacement for shoes that can be washed like your regular pair of socks. They are ultra-light, extremely strong and can be folded into your pockets for an anytime and anywhere feet covering aid. That’s basically one solution for all your outdoor activities.

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No.3 – Seven Hugs Smart Remote Control

Remote Control developed by Seven Hugs should be on your 2018’s purchase list. All you need from your host devices is an in-built Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability. In other words, they should be classified under the ‘smart device’ gadget list. From television sets, to smart bulbs and amplifiers; the control is finally at your fingertips. Speaking of smart devices, you can treat yourself with steep discounts with Amazon promo codes available on tablets and TV sets.

No. 4 – Kingii Floatation Wrist Band

Love swimming but afraid of depths? Now you can finally lock your hydrophobia at home with Kingii’s inflating wrist band. It has an in-built gas cylinder attached to the band which pumps CO2 into the inflator within a second! All you need to do is to pull the metallic level and let the device do its job, all on its own. The inflation bag is made of a robust material made to endure even the harshest of waters. However, additional precautions must be taken while accessing dangerous areas in open water bodies.

No. 5 – ASAP Connect – USB Connector

Hands down the most favorite gadget we would recommend for your smartphones and tablets. A solution for the USB trouble you are probably facing right now. Fabricated with neodymium magnet (rare earth element), gold plated (18K) connectors and cables braided with nylon, ASAP Connect connects seamlessly with your device. Its magnet is engineered in such a way that you don’t really have to bother to search the right side to plug in. Serves its purpose even in dimly lit rooms.

No. 6 – Samsung S9 and S9 plus

Samsung S9
Samsung S9

Set to launch in the pre-summer quarter of 2018, the Samsung S9 is already making rumors in spite of the recent launch of its 8th Galaxy edition. Attracting eye balls with its infinity display and dual camera features, the S9 should be a smart phone to behold if camera and screen quality are to be discussed. Though not much is known about what’s going to be unique about this phone, but the device is all set to adopt the Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm processor.

No. 7 – Frigondas – Microwave + Chiller

Yes, you’ve read that right! You will soon be able to chill your drinks inside a microwave box developed by a Korean company. The name is a mixture of the words frigorífico and microondas (both Spanish) which stand for refrigerator and microwave respectively. It has the ability to flash-freeze your eatables within minutes to save them from rotting away. And not to forget, it is also a traditional kitchen microwave appliance for serving hot food.

No. 8 – Robomow – Lawn Mowing Robot

There’s no floor left to be conquered by robots. And if the conventional floors weren’t enough, its now time for them to take charge of your garden chores. The autonomous machine has been designed to cover lawns with sizes up to 2000 sq ft with cutting height adjustable between 0.5 and 1.7 inches. It has a base station for charging and resting, and water tight wire connectors for splicing. With mowing time of up to 2 hours, the Robomow should be your next gardening partner.

No. 9 – Vimble – Phone Stabilizer

Often times we capture videos that end up being so shaky that they end up in our deleted collection. But with Vimble S, you really don’t have to be a professional videographer or a Youtuber to get the most scenic shots. It allows you to make videos that give a professional look with the ease of stability, camera control and face detection monitors. It has an integrated control panel which allows you to manage the zooming, the exposure and other vital camera controls.

No. 10 – Ojo – Smart Electric Scooter

For our readers on the go! One of the sleekest designs out there, the Ojo Electric Scooter has the capability to cover 25 miles at a top speed of 20 mph! You will be mind-blown to learn that this Scooter is bike-lane friendly and does not require a license to ride. With its deep grey design, the Scooter is bound to turn everybody’s head at work and college.


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