25PP iOS App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac


25PP – Are you thinking, what does 25pp mean? Well before using this app every person think like that but you have landed on the MirchiTech where you always get tremendous tech gifts for free, and this time we have come back with an APK called 25pp iOS APK.

Today you will completely friendly with this app and will understand how to use 25pp iOS 10 apk on your iOS devices for free.

Well, 25pp Android app also available but today we only cover this post for iOS users so if you an Android user then staying in touch with because soon we are back with a detailed guide for 25pp for Android.

25PP iOS App for iPhone

25pp iOS App Store

25PP iOS App for iPhone25pp is a third party app store specially designed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So why you need this app store if you have Official Apple App Store let me explain to you why?

You have landed here because you are an iOS user and YES you are also aware of one fact that Apple App Store has less free apps and plenty of PAID APPS but do you want to pay for each app you want to use? NO right, we all don’t want it because FREE is our favorite word.

What do you want to use Paid Apps for free? Well, it is impossible with an official store of Apple Inc. However, we have a perfect solution for the MirchiTech audience.

25pp app will install on your device, and you can download paid apps and games for free via the 25pp app store.

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Once you download 25pp on your iOS device, you can download unlimited apps, but you must be on iOS 10 based devices to use this app store.

If you are thinking how this app store provides paid apps for free, then don’t worry I have an answer for you. This app provides hacked apps and games which all are safe to download and install on your iPhone and iPad as well as on Mac.

If you your favorite app is restricted in your country and you want to download that app since very long time than you do not need to wait for official launch because 25pp app store will provide you that app to download for free and start using it.

We have found only one con in 25pp apk and that is 25pp app only available in the Chinese language, but you do not need to worry about it because I will share the simplest solution with you here.

All you need to do is, Install Google Translator app to convert entire app in English automatically.

25PP App Store Features

  • 25pp app is completely free to download for iOS devices, and you can then download paid apps for free.
  • It supports all latest iOS versions such as iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7.
  • It has an easy to understand UI (User Interface), so you can navigate easily and start downloading any desired app and game quickly.
  • 25pp app store is for all those iOS users who want to download paid apps for free.

[Step by Step] Download 25pp iOS App for Free

So the wait is OVER here because I am going to share a download section with you all, where you will learn how to download third party apps and install them on iOS devices without any issue.

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If you are not aware that how you can download and install other apps which are not available on official stores than this section is must follow for you.

25PP for iPhone and iPad

#1. Open your Safari Browser and Type “http://pro.25pp.com/pp_win_iosandroid” and here you need to download .exe file [YES it is windows file but just follow my process] now you need to download 25pp helper setup wizard. All you need to do is to tap on Blue Button in the center, and it will automatically start downloading the file.

#2. Click on the download file, and it will ask for INSTALL, just follow the installation instructions provided by popup.

#3. Once you have done with the 25pp helper tool on your Windows PC then launch the app and close the intro popup and simply connect your iOS device to that PC via USB Cable.

#4. Now transfer the iOS version on your device from PC and launch it via your iOS device.

#5. Well done, You have now free 25pp iOS app to download paid apps for free.

25PP Mac App

If you are looking for a solution to use 25pp Mac version, then you need to use a virtual machine for it on your Mac to run Windows OS. In short, you need a Windows PC on your Mac because this is not available official for Mac users.

So if you want to download 25pp for Mac, then you need a virtual machine to use this on your Mac.

We will cover a detailed guide on the Virtual machine in future, so stay tuned with MirchiTech and sign up with us, so you will be notified instantly when we launched our guide for the virtual machine.

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Final Verdict:

I have filled up all details about 25pp iOS app store, and now you can download paid apps and games for free without spending a single penny on this app.

I would like to suggest you update your iOS device to minimum iOS 10 versions of iOS and then download 25pp apk on your device for smooth performance.

If you have any doubt for this app downloading process or anything you do not understand, simply drop your questions, queries, and feedback in the comment section below and I will personally reply you as soon as possible.

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