6 Things That You Should Know Before Sell Your Android Smart Phone


Hello there and welcome to the askmepost blog. And here I want to share 6 things that you should know before sell your android smart phone And in previous article I shared How To Block Spam Messages In Android & iPhone? And I hope you was read that post and if not then visit now and read it because spam messages is the biggest problem for every android smart phone user and it is recommended to block spam messages. Spam messages are big problem and you need to stop it permanently because it is a big problem for every user.

Android Smart Phone


6 things that you should know before sell your android smart phone

Know these things before sell your old android smart phone

If we buy any smart phone then in the beginning you will care it like a girlfriend and after sometime when new phone launch then you was sell it and then buy again new launched phone so this is the process of buying and selling android smart phone.

So today’s our article for that people who want to sell those android smart phones. So here I shared some things that you should know before sell your phone. And if you do not want to sell your phone then don’t think about this.

1 : – First remove your sim card from your android smart phone. Our sim card is most important and your contacts and important messages are there and your friends and relatives are has your contact numbers. So this contact number is also very important for your business relation so first remove it. Also buyer can misuse your sim card so don’t foget to remove it before sell it.

2 : – remove your sd card because Sd card ( memory card ) is the another most important factor in your android mobile smart phone. You have so many music track, video songs and personal images in your memory card so if you sell your phone then you should remove your sd card first. Sometime your important images can misuse by buyer of your mobile smart phone.

3 : – backup your all data. If you want to get backup data then you should get all backups of your android smart phone like messages , music , videos and images. And save it in any sd card aur cd dvd. So you should get the backup of your phone before you sell it.

Android Smart Phone

4 : – here is the same thing like desktop. When you sell your pc or laptop then you must format it and here is the same. Before sell your android smart phone you need to factory data reset one time because it is very important. So first take a backup of your phone then click on factory data reset. You can do it after restart your android smart phone.

5 : – hard boot is also important. Some people think that hard boot is not important if you do factory data reset. But here I want to tell you that some hidden files are not deleted by factory data reset so you should need to do hard boot before you sell your phone. And second benefit is after you doing hard boot your android smart phone performance is much better than before. So you should do hard boot.

6 : – where are you sell your phone and whom? Here this is the biggest question but if you are selling your phone within relatives and friends then you should need to try quikr and olx classified advertisement that can help you to more price of your android smart phone.

So friends these are the 6 things that you need to check before you sell your android smart phone. If you want to read more posts like this then you should visit our old articles of how to section. Subscribe this blog by email to get latest updates and new post regularly on your mail as a notification. Unsubscribe option also available there in email

Final words

So I hope you read 6 things that you should know before sell your android smart phone and if you have any question about this article then contact to use just go to the contact us and enter your name and email address and type your question in detail then send it to us. please share this article on social media. Thank you all visitors and readers. Have a nice day.

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