You Should Have These 7 Android Applications [Recommended]


Hello there welcome to the mirchitech blog. Today i want to share information about recommended android apps so read carefully. In our previous article you learned about, Best And Free Screen Recorder For Desktop. Today screen recorder is very important for online workers and many times you need to use it.  If you have a clients the you also need to sometime understand to your clients. So total talk is you should go there and know the importance of screen recorders.


So today we discuss very interested ad best topic for you. Today 80 percent people using android smart phone. so today android phones are the one of the most using phone everywhere. But many people use unhelpful apps but forget recommended application of android. Android user need to install these application to use it smart way and also your mobile always look systematic by this applications. So you should try these apps.

You Should Have These 7 Android Applications


Recommended apps for android users

Anyway here i am sharing android apps those are recommended for every android users so let’s see.

1 – NTES Android Application

This is the very best android application related to railway. You can do rail inquiry by this app. You can get information about any train of india. Like where is this train and where to go. So you should install this application in your mobile

2 – Adobe Reader Android App

This is the recommended pdf file reader for mobile user and desktop user. If you are studying and wants to check result or admit card information then you need to go to computer but if you have this application in your mobile then you can easily access any pdf file in your mobile. So install this app.

3 – Hinkhoj Dictionary

Well it’s name is say everything. This is the dictionary. If you don’t know English and want to know English or convert other language to English or translate it then you need to install this application because this is the recommended dictionary for every user.

4 – Opera Mini

This is the internet browser. Actually this browser is work better in mobile because people do not using this browser in desktop because this is the famous in mobile. Seeing popularity, you can install it. This is the fastest browser for mobile user.

5 – Way 2 sms

This is the sms related application. Why you are recharging for sms though you can get it totally free. Yes, if you have way2sms application in your android smart phone then you can send sms everywhere and totally free in india. But here is some rules and it is, you ca not send more than 140 characters at a time and you can send message to 50 numbers in one day.

6 – Automatic Call Recording

Yeah this is the must have app. Today people saying everything wrong so you need to attention in this fraud time. If you have record every phone then you can complain fraud or cheater to police station or you can remember other people that what that say to you.

7 – CClean Master

This app lean all junk files and viruses, you do not need anti virus f you have this app and also you can take backup your mobile phone easily. So you need to install this application because this is also recommended application.

So friends these 7 application you should download and install in your mobile because this is very important for you. For more subscribe mirchitech. Keep in touch for technology news.

Final words

so friends i shared 7 best and recommended android application for you. If you want to know more or else you have any question then you can contact us. Click below conttc us link add your name email and title and type yur message then send it to us we will reply you soon. Share this artile on social media liek facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , dig, stumble open , medium , tumlr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all readers and visitors keep visiting and keep reading. Xanax dose should be reduced gradually and under strict medical supervision. If severe withdrawal symptoms develop, the previous dosing schedule should be resumed, and, only after stabilization, should a slower schedule of discontinuation be attempted. Read more on  Have a nice day and good bye.


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