Aadhaar Card Based KYC Revivification Mandatory for all Mobile Subscribers, to be Completed by Year end dot


The ongoing process of government to make Aadhaar card as the mandatory identity proof for all the citizen comes up with something or the other new every time. Currently, the department of Telecommunication – dot has made it mandatory to verify the SIM cards of all the existing subscribers.

As a part of Supreme Court order, re verification of Aadhar Card mobile number has to be completed by the year end 2018. Notice regarding the same has been sent to the Telecom operators for completion of e – k y c procedure.

Aadhaar Card

What Telecom Companies Have to do in This?

Aadhar card is the most required documents during the issue of a new SIM card. The Telecom operators have to verify the current users of prepaid and postpaid plans through KYC process.

The cellular telephone companies that have been handed off with the notice include Reliance, Vodafone, Airtel and idea. Jio users have already been verified with the Aadhaar details.

What Telecom Users Have to do About it?

Telecom users have to get the number verified within the permissible time limit in order to continue using the telecom service. The verification of mobile number is done through a verification code in form of SMS.

The Aadhar Card e KYC is always required the person to have mobile number. Do not switch onto a new phone number without updating it with Aadhar card. The biometric verification is only completed when the updated mobile number of the user is attached.

M Aadhaar – is your alternative to save Aadhaar Card details

Do you often forget to carry your Aadhaar card with you? And Aadhar card can be required at any point of time. Therefore, the users have to carry a digital copy of Aadhar card along with their latest address proof, photograph, Gender and birth of detail documents.

Alternatively, you can download maadhaar application available at Google Play Store that serves as Aadhar Card proof.

How to Download M Aadhaar App?

  • Visit play store and search for the app
  • Once downloaded and install, set your password using capital letter and alpha numeric numbers
  • After the password has been configured, enter 12 digits Aadhaar Card number and scan the same through QR code option.
  • One time password would be sent for verification.

M Aadhar is a highly useful application for the ones you often forget to carry their photograph and Aadhar Card in their wallet. Also, the application helps the users to lock the biometric data.

The M Aadhar card application is helpful during sim card issue and other identification procedures. It’s important to input your registered mobile number for the verification process to complete.

If you try to use the application in a handset which does not have your registered sim card, the application will not get verified at all. The acceptance of OTP only takes place when Aadhar card app and registered phone number are together in one mobile phone.

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