How to Apply for Aadhar Card Registration – Aadhar Card Application Process


How to Apply for Aadhar Card Registration – The Aadhar card status can be easily checked with the below mentioned procedure. Aadhar card is a quite useful document as it is valid throughout the Indian subcontinent. It is just one single document for all. It has your name, address, picture and DOB imprinted over it. Also, it carries your finger print which is one of the best security measures taken by the government to substantiate the identity proof.

Just a single Aadhar card is enough to serve the needed purpose. You don’t have to carry a separate PAN card, driving license and voter ID card in order to proof your identity. In order to check whether the Aadhar is ready or not log on to the official website.

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Aadhar Card Registration
Aadhar Card

How to Apply for Aadhar Card Registration?

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online – Aadhar Registration Process

Download Aadhar Card Application Form

  • Step 1 – find nearby enrollment center
  • Step 2 – book an appointment
  • Step 3 -fill up the enrollment form. Alternatively you can fill up the form online
  • Step 4 -submit the supporting document
  • Step 5 -the supporting documents include address proof, identity proof, passport size photograph
  • Step 6 -the Aadhar Centre might take hands on photographs and iris scan for verification

After details are collected, you will be handed with an acknowledgement slip which is important for tracking the 14 digit enrollment number

What is an Aadhar Card official Document all About?

An Aadhar card is the kingpin document that serves as the major identity proof parameter for the Indian citizens.  The government institutes have begun to accept Aadhar card for enrolling the candidates. The card is primarily noticed by the UDAI authority. The single is linked with enhancing functionalities. Therefore it is a good idea to get an Aadhar card ready even if you do not have any urgency to use it.

To grab more details regarding Aadhar, one may officially browse through the website for knowing the dear Statius. The post must be carefully read so that you can get it imprinted.

The Aadhar status

There are dual options for checking your Aadhar card status. A simple SMS can be sent via registered mobile for receiving the expected details. The process has been explained as follows:

It shall take in-between 5 weeks to 3 months for an Aadhar card to get processed under normal circumstances. In case if you do not receive an Aadhar card after 3 months then choose to re-apply for it.

Process to Track Aadhar Card Status

UIDAI/Aadhar card inquiry via SMS

In order to get the details of the Aadhar card through SMS, simply send type “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” and forward it to 51969. Make sure that you use the registered telephone number for sending the SMS.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online Through SMS

There re variegated techniques for checking the Aadhar card status online. One such trick is to log on to the official Aadhar card website. Make sure that you have the enrolment number slip ready. The enrolment numbers lip is received by the candidate after the verification process of Aadhar card has been executed. Simply type the enrolment number after logging into the official website for grabbing the exact Aadhar card status.

How to Download and Print Aadhar card

  • Visit the Aadhar page and select Aadhar
  • Enter the Aadhar number along with all the details and security code. Make sure that tether are no errors in the details
  • Press to one time OTP password
  • Conform the password by entering it
  • Validate the password and get the copy of the Aadhar imprinted

How to Check Aadhar Enrollment Status?

In order to check Aadhar enrolment status, you need to visit UIDAI website and enter your enrollment number to see the progress of Aadhar card.

How to Check Aadhar Card Through sms?

After you have submitted your Bio metrics, wait for some time till the Aadhar Card arrived. It takes up to 3 months / 90 days for the Aadhar card to be available at your doorstep.

What is the Verification Process of Aadhar Card?

  • your data is collected and verified manually by the officials to prevent any application and errors
  • Process takes 40 – 60 days
  • After successful verification, candidates are sent by sms on the registered phone number
  • Aadhar card available to the registered address
  • In case of errors, make sure that you visit the Aadhar Card enrollment center and submit the corrected form once again.

How do I Address non Recipient of Aadhar Card / OTP Problem?

That can be many reasons why Aadhar Card has not been sent to you. Few Common reasons include-

  1. Unregistered sim card
  2. Blocked sim card
  3. network problem
  4. full mobile storage

How to Ensure that Aadhar Application is not Rejected?

Exceptionally your Aadhar card application might get rejected because of improper document or insufficient ID proof. Once you visit the Aadhar Card official website, it will communicate the rejected status once you enter the acknowledgement number. Re-apply for the Aadhar Card by following the above mentioned steps for Aadhar card registration and ensure that every piece of information is correctly entered for avoiding any discrepancies.

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