Airtel 4G Is Fastest in India, Reliance Jio: OpenSignal report

A few days back, a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Tri) announced that Reliance Jio will offer the country’s fastest Airtel 4G speed in March. However, there is a report different from OpenSignal. According to its report, Mobile Networks State: India, Airtel offers the country’s fastest 4G speed, because Jojo’s opposition is in fact, Jio is said to be the lowest in the country.

Airtel 4G

According to his report, when Airtel offered 11.5 Mbps Airtel 4G speed. Jio offered 3.9 MBS. Both Vodafone and Idea have offered 8 MBS. These tests were conducted by 93,464 open-ended smartphone users between December 1, 2016, and February 28, 2017.

Opening’s report notes that at the limited speed at which they came during their Jio tests. It can be explained by the success of the operator. It says that 100 million customers were collected by the GO in the month-old space associated with free data offers.

This led to the increase in 4G data usage, “Any tax to the network, no matter how powerful it is. While the Airtel may have won at 4G speed. the testers won on the availability of Jio LTE connections were able to gain 91.6% of the time, the report of which is an extraordinary score, even globally.

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The open signal also records in the global picture; India is still relatively slow at the 4G speed. This report states that all four national Airtel 4G operators offer low-speed or global LTE down 17.4 Mbps average.

Airtel 4G Is Fastest in India, Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio may be the fastest network in India 4G. But a new report from the Open signal has indicated that Airtel is leading the speed of 4G LTE in India. Open Guigal’s ‘State of Networks’ report for April 2017, Joy has the highest availability of 4G networks in the country. When it comes to speed, Airtel is a clear leader.

Airtel won its 4G Speed Award, but it also came in the overall ranking as well as the network as well as 3G speed. It should be noted that Reliance Jio is an Airtel 4G Volt network with 3G or 2G internet.

Airtel was at an average LTE download speed of 11.5 Mbps, and according to Open Signal, it was “3 Mbps faster” than the results obtained on Vodafone and Idea rivals. If you look at the Open Signal chart. Reliance Jio comes with the LTE download speeds of 3.92 Mbps at the fourth spot. Vodafone’s 8.59 Mbps, and Idea’s 8.34 Mbps just below.

If you compare this to TRAI data, OpenSignal is reporting a vastly different picture. According to TRAI’s MySpeed app. Reliance Jio average down speed was at 16.48 Mbps in March, which was much more compared to 8.33 Mbps on Idea Cellular ID and 7.66 Mbps on Bharti Airtel.


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