Apple IPhone 7 Plus Mobile Specification & Features.

The iphone 7 and 7 Plus were no different. Built around the new Apple A10 Fusion, processor, iPhone 7 plus is the new 5.5 inch screen, sporting not just a faster CPU, but also a dual camera setup with different focal lengths and a brand new screen capable of displaying focal lengths and a brand new screen capable of displaying a winder gamut of colours.

iPhone 7


The dual Lenses are a boon for photographers, but just don’t expect much out of the portrait mode. The battery life on the iPhone 7 Plus is amazing and those of you who rely on their phones to run their business can really find some value for money in this piece of technology.

If you are coming from a previous generation iPhone you obviously love the ecosystem and the iPhone 7 plus will only help that love grow.

Apple IPhone 7 Plus Features:

IPhone 7 Plus Display:

The iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus while retaining the same 1920×1080 resolution. This new IPS panel runs the DCI-P3 colour profile, which is the default colour profile for shooting and viewing 4K footage. When you shoot photos from the camera, the photos generated are also in DCI-P3 colour profile. Every screen follows the sRGB colour space as a standard and DCI-P3 is different from this standard.

This is because sRGB cannot accommodate All the colour from the DCI-P3 profile and ends up discarding it. This whole saga isn’t a deal breaker as you will love  consuming content on this gorgeous screen, just don’t be surprised if your photo don’t actually look as good on other people’s phone. Legibility isn’t just about the visibility of the content on the screen, but also about its visual integrity, which can be significantly hampered if the screen is too busy reflecting the environment. RATTING: 7.7/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Primary Camera:

Unlike the Honor 8, the system on the iPhone actually has two sensor with their own individual lenses. One lens offers semi wide 28mm field of view with an aperture of f/1.8, while the other is a telephoto lens with a Focus of 56mm and an aperture of f/2.8. Beyond 2x is digital zoom and anything between 1x and 2x is coming from a combination of the two sensor. The resolution on the sensors remains a solid 12 megapixels.

In JPG capture mode the colour reproduction was fairly accurate when measured against the Colour Checker target. We did see a slightly deeper saturation in the reds, which is good if you are shooting sunset. The colour patches developed slight luma noise, which become more apparent on our test target black background. The Google Pixel XL in comparison delivers photo with better retention. In low light the camera produces very little noise, but then again, the noise reduction become evident as objects in the photo lack texture.

If you are looking for the absolute best the iPhone 7 plus camera can deliver, then it would be best to use a third party camera app as the stock camera app as the stock camera app doesn’t offer much in terms of control or quality. You can view some camera samples in the gallery below. RATTING: 7.6/10

Apple iPhone 7 plus Secondary Camera:

On the video front the front camera ability to shoot 720 foot age at 240 fps is great fun. Video bloggers would greatly benefit from higher quality footage coming out of the front camera on the Apple iPhone7 Plus.

The flash is okay to use for those must have selfies, but otherwise tends to really render a flat image. RATTING: 6.6/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Portrain Mode:

When the default camera app is switched to Portrait mode, it is using the 56mm lens along with a bunch of machine learning algorithms that separate the subject from the background and then generate the appropriate kind of booking. Second it requires the subject to be within a minimum and maximum distance.

Typically when we shoot a portrait on a DSLR with shallow depth of field, the out of focus areas behind the subject go from in focus to completely blue red in as smooth transition.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery Life:

Apple truly has optimized iOS 10 to be as judicious with battery as possible, but the Pixel XL and One Plus do last slightly longer also because of their low power screen. If Apple was to ever introduce from of Fast Charging into the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes packed with a 2900 mAh battery. Unfortunately we couldn’t run the PCMARK battery test on the iPhone 7 plus since the test isn’t available for iOS, what we could do was run the video loop test. Where all your radios are turned off you can easily expect to get north of 10 hours on the battery life. RATTING: 7.5/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Design & Build:

The Jet Black iPhone models, however the process used to achieve the high gloss finish is very different from that which is employed to treat the aluminium for other iPhone models. The Jet finish is noticeably shiny. The finish also has severe attachment issues with fingerprints. While trying to photograph the phone, even the lightest of touch ended up transferring fingerprints onto the back. The shiny is amazing, but only if you don’t touch it.

We obviously did not drop the phone to test its durability, but given that it uses the same aluminium as the iPhone 7.The iPhone 7 plus can be quite a handful. Standing tall at 6.23 inches, the phone has a 5.5 inch display with an overall weight of 188 grams. In comparison, the Google Pixel XL weight 168 grams. My hands measure 6 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide and the iPhone 7 plus ended up toppling thrice from my one handed use.

Apple has made the iPhone 7 plus water and dust resistant. Liquid damage is the worst thing that can happen to a device that costs more than many people’s monthly household budge, given that there is very little chance of repair. IPhone 7 Plus withstood being dunked in a bucket of water, 5 minutes in the shower and even an accidental spillage of warm milk.

The jet Black finish is as impractical as it gets given how susceptible it is to scratches and fingerprints. RATTING: 6.3/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Software & Ui:

The OS has come a really long way from iOS 4 days, where it was the epitome of what simple, elegant and clutter free OS should be. While they are really improved the OS in some aspects, there are areas where you can see the operating system buckling under its own weight.

The iOS backup and restore works beautifully, ensuring all your data is transferred over. You are still going to have to download your app though, a process that is automated through restore. RATTING: 7.9/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Call Quality:

The speaker phone is also significantly beefed up, being loud and clear. If you absolutely HED to use the speakerphone in aloud marketplace of sorts, you could get away by cupping the bottom of the speakers, allowing the dome shape of your hands to amplify some sounds.

We recommend just talking the call at another time or finding a slightly quieter corner to conduct your business. Over all we loved the call quality of the iPhone 7 plus and feel that this is one of the few things about the iPhone that will be universally loved. RATTING: 8.5/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Price:

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Price: 72,000Rs

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Price: 82,000Rs

Apple iPhone 7 plus 256GB Price: 92,000Rs

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus colour Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black & Jet Black. While the first three colours are available in three storage options, the Jet Black finish is only available in 128GB and the 256GB variants. The DCI P3 will cause some issues outside of products that support the colour profile. Using the iPhone 7 Plus is reminiscent of the time when BlackBerry was the gold standard for professionals. Photographers will love the new dual camera, But I’d strong recommend using a third party app to shoot so that you can leverage the sensors to the bet of their capabilities. It means a little extra tome in post production. RATTING: 7.9/10

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Specifications

MODEL:iPhone 7Plus
PROCESSOR:Apple A10 Fusion
SIM:Single Sim (NANO)
SCREEN:Wide Gamut IPS LCD, 401 ppi
VIDEO:4k Video, Slow Mo.(720p @240fps)
PRIMARY CAMERA:12 Megapixel, Quad LED
BATTERY:2900 mAh

RATTING: 8.2/10

Conclusion: This phone is very popular Apple phone ‘iPhone 7 Plus’. This phone is very nice and its battery life is superb, so you want to ask any thing about this or related our post you can contact us on this website ‘MirchiTech’. And you can also comment us in our comment box, what you want to ask. And you can also rate this phone in our comment box, your comments we will accept respectively. “Thank You”.


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