New Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus And iPhone 7s Moulds Leaked HD Images Online


Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 apple mould photos. Indicating the potential size of the upcoming devices were posted online on China’s Weibo. HD images of three metal moulds marked as iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7 plus price in India were shared on Weibo. More photos of these moulds from the side were also shared later.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus

According to a report on 9to5Mac, the photos don’t show anything new except the size of the three phones when placed next to each other. It also points out these moulds are likely for iPhone cases or dummy iPhones.

The leaked HD images appear to be from a production factory, and a reference design for the iPhone is also part of the HD images. Interestingly the HD images show the iPhone 8’s dual rear camera will be vertically stacked, compared to the horizontal style seen on the iPhone 7s Plus, and the current iPhone 7 Plus. Also, the iPhone 8 appears to have a smaller body compared to the iPhone 7s Plus.

Once again, confirming the veracity of the HD images is hard, given these are coming out of China. It is likely these HD images are not for the actual iPhone 7 plus 128 GB size. According to leaked reports. iPhone 8 will have a bigger 5.8-inch display with OLED resolution.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus And iPhone 7s Moulds Leaked Online

But a smaller chassis. Apple iPhone 7 specifications will reduce bezels on the side and top and bottom. The reduced bezels mean Apple will be able to fit a bigger display in a smaller body. It also looks like the iPhone 8 dual rear camera style change will be thanks to full change in chassis.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus will feature an all-glass body, ditching the aluminium chassis of the current phones. It’s not clear iPhone 7 plus specs of if all three iPhones. Will have the glass body or will it be limited to the premium edition. Other new additions to the iPhone 8 are OLED display. Along with support for wireless charging.

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This is supposed to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone 7 plus jet black, and some reports predict a pricing of $1000 and above. A new analyst report, however, says the iPhone 8 will start at $870 for the base variant.

Other reports have also claimed the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus cost could. Be delayed to October or November, instead of the usual September launch event because of problems sourcing the OLED panels iPhone 8 youtube.


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