Apple iPhone 9 Is 5.28 Inch, 6.46 Inch Display Size Is Rumored

Apple iPhone 8 is going on for several months. But now we can rumor our rumor about Apple’s flagship phone next year for Apple iPhone 9 pictures. According to a report of The Investor (via The Bell). The device (dubbed the iPhone 9) will be available in two sizes.

Apple iPhone 9

But the current generation of the Apple iPhone 9 will be larger than the standard model. With a 5.28-inch display signal. While the larger model can have a panel of 6.46 inches. Both of these devices have been tipped to use the OLED panels manufactured by Samsung.

Apple’s switch on the OLED panels and large display makes it understandable that the tenth anniversary of the iPhone (iPhone 8) is allowed to come with an OLED panel as well as bezel-less design. These features are likely to be taken to the applet’s Smartphone for 2018. The bezel-less design will allow the company to add a larger screen. While keeping the overall footprint of the devices more or less the same.

Apple iPhone 9 Is 5.28 Inch, 6.46 Inch Display

According to the report, Apple has an 80 million OLED screen supply for almost three versions of the iPhone, one of which is reportedly on iPhone 8 this year. Both companies have signed a non-disclosure agreement on general terms, the report said.

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For this year, the Apple iPhone 10 is said to launch three iPhone 8 models, one of which will show the OLED display. While the other two will play the LCD screen.

Some sources have also mentioned that Samsung is currently working on a plant in South Chungcheong province in Korea for OLED production facilities, especially dedicated to the iPhone

Apple hopes to launch iPhone 8 with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September this year. However, the availability of delayed equipment for a few months. The iPhone’s new anniversary edition has been indicated to play 3D sensing cameras, better waterproof and a stainless steel and glass body. The new device is expected to cost iPhone 9 at the cost of $ 1,000.


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