How to Apply for Gas Connection in India


Apply for Gas Connection in India – Liquid Petroleum gas is one of the most common and popular source for fuel in the Indian subcontinent. With Added number of advantages, LPG is quite economic and versatile form of heat and energy. The environment is friendly source of energy does not emanates nitrogen, carbon dioxide or any other pollutant that is harmful for health. Besides, it is easy to store and has significant popularity throughout the world.

Resultantly, government of India is replacing the traditional cooking methods with subtle gas connections. Which subsidies and promotional methods Indian government is trying to replace the traditional chulas with sophisticated gas connection? The customers are required to follow these steps for acquiring cylinders on time without any exorbitant charges.

Gas Connection

Steps to Apply for Gas Connection

How to Procure LPG Connection?

  • Step 1 -customers above 18 years of age can apply for LPG gas connection
  • Step 2 – visit the nearest gas agency to get it booked right away
  • Step 3 -the gas connection agency would locate your area and hand you an application form regarding the same
  • Step 4 – The booking number and the recipe has to be carefully maintained.
  • Visit WebsiteRegister for LPG connection

What are the important documents needed while applying for LPG connection?

Gas Connection Official Website

How to Book Gas Online?

Earlier, booking and LPG gas for your home was a tedious process. You had to visit the LPG dealership and anxiously wait for the cylinder to get it dispatched. Sometimes, the LPG cylinders were missed by the recipients that further used to cause lot of trouble. Therefore, Indian government has come up with online gas booking facility .let’s know the steps-

  • Visit the official website of Bharat/ Indane/LP gas
  • Choose to book the gas by entering your details in the empty boxes
  • Make the payment
  • You will receive a notification SMS after does has been delivered at your doorstep

Why do Book LPG Connection Online?

Booking LPG connection comes with several advantages. The customers are free from any additional booking charges during the process. Also, it is easier to track the service. the online gas booking websites entertain the request 24×7 and get the cylinders delivered as soon as possible.

How to book LPG Connection Through sms?

Step 1 – register your mobile number with the gas agency

Step 2 -acquire the number that entertains request for gas booking through sms

Step 3 – send an SMS to that particular number that all the details to get it booked

Step 4 – an auto generated SMS will be reverted once the booking is confirmed through SMS

How to Book Gas Through Mobile Application?

Download the individual application of Bharat Gas Indane or any other gas agency from Google Play Store / iTunes.

Step 1 -register your mobile number, and address to authenticate yourself

Step 2 – enter the OTP received during the authentication process

Step 3 – as soon as the registration process is complete, book cylinder and make the payment through internet banking / debit / credit card.

Step 4 -facility for E wallet payment and cash on delivery is also entertained by LPG cylinder apps

Step 5 – the application would communicate customer ID, credentials and the booking history. You can track your order in the application for knowing the exact date of delivery.

How to Book Gas Through Agency?

Step 1 – visit the gas agency

Step 2 – provide customer number / ID

Step 3– make payment and expect the delivery of cylinders soon.

How to Get the LPG Cylinder Refill?

Customers have to apply for a new cylinder after the old one get empty. You can initiate the booking by visiting the gas agency, official website or by sending an SMS. You can also call the gas agency for direct booking.

Important note -all the cylinders that have been booked through agency must be paid after they are delivered. The subsidized amount is submitted to the bank account of the users. The receipt slip comprises of all the details such as your name, address, customer ID number, total amount and the subsidy.

Important Tips While Using LPG Cylinder

After you receive the cylinder from the nearest LPG agency, make sure that it is maintained well. The Storage Area should be free from any combustion or inflammation. Also, the quality of the Storage Area matters. Make sure that the valve is turned off at night.

naked flame should never be brought close to the cylinder at any point of time. In case of gas leakage, customer is must immediately turn off the valve and open all the doors and windows.

Why is it important to choose LPG over any others source of energy to cook food?

Liquid Petroleum gas ensures that no pollution or hassles are created during the combustion process. The safe and secured way of cooking food is promoted by none other than MODI government. In order to maximize the availability of gas connections, government has regulated the process by making it online. Also, there is a special subsidy for low income groups.

LPG fuel is not only an option for cooking food but also for vehicles. It is much cleaner source of energy when you compare it with wood or kerosene. The added advantage of storage makes it more manageable to utilize this particular source of energy.

Gas Pipe Connection

Instead of facing the hazards of repeatedly ordering and booking gas cylinders, the best alternative is to choose a permanent gas line for your home. In this method, an underground gas line is laid which requires a monthly bill payment from the users.

The hassle free method save you against repeated Gas booking of cylinders and delivery failures. Also, you don’t have to manage the storage of cylinders as a thin gas line stores gas and supplies it to the burner.

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