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Handling PAN application becomes easier with our detailed article at your disposal. NSDL website has made provisions for online as well as offline PAN card approval. In fact, there are district level agencies which accept PAN application and process them so that individuals can get equipped with personal PAN cards.

Who all can apply for PAN?

Applying for PAN is permissible for almost every Indian citizen. The list includes corporates, HUF, trust, firms, local authorities, senior citizen and working/non-working individuals.

apply for PAN card
PAN card

Process of applying PAN card in India

PAN card a.k.a Permanent Account number is an important document that is used for identity and tax related purpose. The 10 digit alphanumeric code is issued to every individual after verifying the details. The professional fees, salary and bank account details are particularly linked with PAN card number as a Universal identity proof for taxation purpose.

Online application of PAN can be made on the

NSDL website  OR UTIITSL website.

Process to apply PAN card online

The evolution of internet has made it convenient to gather individual information and formulate important identity documents like Aadhar and PAN card.

Online PAN application

Visit www.Onlineservices.NSDL.Com and apply for PAN card right away. Once you have successfully reached this particular website, you can follow the below steps –

  • Click on Apply new PAN card located right on the left hand side of the homepage
  • Import important details like name, application type, DOB, mobile number, title and email ID.
  • after you fill up all the details, submit the form and ensure that you note down 15 digit acknowledgement number carefully for future reference.

How to apply for PAN card offline?

The ones who do not have much knowledge about internet and online process can go for offline PAN card application.

  • Download 49A form from NSDL website
  • Fee Payment through demand draught
  • Send the proof of your income to Income Tax PAN services
  • Fill up the form correctly and attach passport size photograph along with address proof and send it on Income Tax PAN services unit, NsdL-PAN and send it to Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot Number 341, Survey Number 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune-411016.
  • The envelope should mention the heading – application for PAN along with the acknowledgement number

Is there any way to apply for new PAN card?

PAN card is an essential document for tax return filing. Also, it serves as identity proof and for verification purpose. In order to apply for new PAN card, you need to at least know the old PAN card number.

If you do not remember the old PAN card number, simply visit incometaxlndiafiling.Gov.In . you can enter your last name, middle name and important details followed by captcha code to know the old PAN card number.

The nearest PAN card center can also help you to get a new PAN card after you submit the supporting documents. However, if you wish to do it online then follow these steps –

  • Log onto official NSDL website
  • Scan the soft copy of the following –
  • -address proof
  • -date of birth
  • – signature
  • – digital photo
  • ID proof

How can new Indian citizens apply for PAN card ?

Have you just shifted to India ? applying for Permanent Account Number requires you to fill up the application form available in official NSDL website. Alternatively, you can get the card dispatched through Income Tax Department.

Once the citizen has personal PAN card number, he / she can easily undertake Bank deposit and, insurance purchase, mutual fund purchase and other financial transactions.

How can foreigners apply for new PAN card?

The application process for foreigners follows the same guidelines as mentioned above. In other words, the basic procedure for Indian as well as the foreigners remains the same. However, the application form is required to be submitted in 49aa.

Foreigners who have been running business in Indian subcontinent need to furnish identity proof and important detail for taxation purpose. Therefore, one cannot escape the requirement of having a permanent account number to legalize the business position.

How to change name, address and other details in PAN card?

Several times PAN card comes with wrong details printed from the Income Tax Department. The data discrepancy can hinder the identity of the concerned person. In any case, there is an urgent need to get the details modified.

Women who get married also require name change in PAN card along with modifying the address. A fresh PAN card is required to be applied by the applicant.

The exact process of PAN card name and address change resembles to the process of new PAN card application. You need to reach at the details of the received PAN card mentioned at the face and behind the card.

How to apply for PAN Card reprint?

The circumstances of PAN card reprint generally arises when the entity has lost her original PAN card. This can take place because of  misplacement, natural calamity or theft. In such circumstances, The applicant has to apply for a fresh PAN card with the exact same details as before.

The application for PAN card reprint is submitted in the same 49A form. Since, it is the 2nd time you are applying for a PAN card that has the same details as before, you need to submit a copy of PAN acknowledgement letter to the UTIITSL / NSDL authority.

Important documents for reprint, modification and correction in PAN Card

Normally applicant required to submit identity proof and address for furnishing the exact PAN card details.

Also, the individuals need to attach front facing passport sized photograph that has been recently clicked. The copy of acknowledgement is yet another important proof to be submitted to the income tax department for issuing of PAN card.

Is there any way to track PAN Card Application Status?

The Indian government is trying to keep things ultra-fast and simplified. Therefore, once you apply for a PAN card online / offline, you are handed with a separate PAN card reference number that can be used to track the application.

How much time does it take for the PAN Card to reach me?

The normal process takes around 15 – 30 days after processing your request. The PAN card is delivered to the registered address. Alternatively, you can track the status by requesting NSDL website with the help of your acknowledgement number. Any enquiry regarding your PAN card detail is kept absolutely free by the Indian government.

What are the Charges of PAN Card Application?

The PAN card application requires a very normal fee depending upon the chosen mode. The overall fee charges vary from one individual to another. For instance, NRI foreigner applicants and Indian citizens do not have similar fee charges. Also, handling and repainting of PAN card require different fee payment.

Application forms for PAN

The Indian citizens have to submit the 49A to get it reprinted or issued for the first time. Foreign citizens have to fill up 48 A A form to access the PAN card number.

Earlier, individuals had to manually select the 49a form at PAN enrollment centers along with their address, identity proof and d o b certificate. However, now a days the process has been made easier through the infrastructural technology and official website of the Indian government.

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