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How to Apply for Visa Online? – The process of applying for visa is not the same in every country. Every subcontinent has its own rules for accepting visa applications. Generally, the applicant needs to follow the following steps to get a visa.

  • Step 1 -select the visa type you are applying for
  • Step 2 – check out the eligibility criteria
  • Step 3 – fill up the online application form and make sure that the inputted details are correct and without any error
  • Step 4 -Appear for the visa interview along with the required document at the selected Embassy

Visa Online

Application of visa can be done through online and offline. In case you wish to go for offline process / manual process of visa application, you need to download the application form through the official website. All the Nations do not main provisions to accept offline visa applications. Also, you have to appear for the visa interview personally.

Process to Apply for Visa Online

  • with several countries accepting visa application forms online, you need to keep the required documents scanned. The online application can be accessed through the official website or Embassy of the specific country.
  • Apply for online visa by registering on the official website. You must access the website either through internet explorer 7.0 or chrome. The details and date should be in the correct format such as DD/mm/yyyy
  • The applicant’s passport is only valid for a span of 6 months
  • The regulations and rules are subject to changes. Therefore, It’s important to check out the official website of the embassy before beginning up with the visa application process.

Important details needed to be communicated along with visa application form

The applicants are expected to fill up the visa application of the destination country with correct information. You might be expected to input the following details –

  • Destination country
  • contact address
  • profession
  • date of birth
  • name
  • passport number

The applicants have to abide by the security measures of the embassy and paste the front facing passport size picture. After the visa fees have been paid, the interview guidelines required to be followed remain the same. Also, do not forget to prepare yourself for a convincing Visa Interview.

How to Apply for Visa offline?

  • Step 1 -download the visa application form and get it imprinted
  • Step 2-Fill up the VFS consent form and once it has been filled, submitted to the visa officer along with the fee
  • Step 3 -visit the local visa application center to get the visa stamped

How much time does it require to get the visa?

It takes about 21 days to receive the visa at your doorstep. Also, you can check out the status of the application with the help of provided tracking number.

What is the required fee for visa application?

The candidates are expected to pay a fee of 4950 INR. The overall amount increases as the number of people applying for Visa increase in your family. The charges for Visa are dependent upon the country for which the visa has been applied.

Online Indian Visa Application

The applicant needs to provide the following information for the online visa application process:

  • Country you are applying visa from – The applicant needs to indicate the country that he/she is applying from
  • Indian Mission – Select the appropriate Indian Mission/Post applicable to your location
  • Nationality – Choose the nationality
  • Date of Birth – Must be mentioned in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Email ID – The approved visa is sent to this email
  • Re-enter Email ID – Verify the email ID to avoid errors
  • Expected Date of Arrival – Must be mentioned in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Visa Type – Based on the nature of the travel, the applicant must indicate the types of visa he/she is applying for.
  • Purpose – Visa type can be different from the purpose of the travel, the applicant must indicate the purpose of his/her travel from the list of drop-down options

Visa Application Status

  • Regular Visa Application
  1. Visit –
  2. Enter 12 characters Application ID
  3. Passport Number (the visa status can also be obtained with the passport number)
  • e-Visa Application –
  1. Visit –
  2. Enter 12 characters Application ID
  3. Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY
  4. Specify Nationality
  5. Verify captcha
  6. Check Status Advanced search for e-Visa only
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