How to Apply For Voter ID Card Online Application


Election in India has an important role play in managing the economy and citizens. spoofs and frauds in the Election System is something that has been existing since decades. Therefore, to keep things in control and regulated, Indian government issued a unique voter ID card to The Eligible people. The citizens have to carry the voter id card in order to get enrolled for voting. A voter id card acts as identity proof. it recognizes your address and other important details.

Who all can Apply for Voter ID?

Applying for voter ID requires the following important considerations –

  • The person applying for voter ID should be at least 18 years of age
  • Should be an Indian citizen
  • Must provide Dob and identity proof

Apply For Voter ID Card Online

Exercising your voting right is only possible with the help of voter ID card at your disposal. Every citizen who is 18 years of age or above must have a voter ID card to meet out several governmental procedures.

Earlier, Indian citizens had to apply for voter ID cards just before the election. The entire process was manual and full of hassles. However, with the evolution of internet, things have become more manageable than before. The simple application process has been discussed in this article –

How to Acquire Voter ID Card Through Online Registration?

The process of registration for voter ID card through online website is very simple. However, before you get involved in the entire process, you need to take a note of the followed important information-

  • Visit the official website of ECI
  • The website would give you complete information about election process, electoral rolls upcoming elections and election schedule
  • The guidelines for applying voter ID card and registration are also mentioned on the home page itself
  • The process for voter ID card application for Indian citizens completely different from the ones you love overseas and armed forces member.
  • The one who has been working as a part of government service must fill up form 6

Steps involved for New voter ID Registration –

  • Visit the official website of ECI – Election Commission of India
  • Click upon National voters service portal
  • Apply online for registration of new voter option is to be selected next
  • Enter the required details and press submit button to get it all completed.

After the application has been submitted, you will be receiving and email that has to be linked with voter ID page. You will be able to track the voter ID card to the given tracking number.

The applicants would receive voter ID card within a month after the registration form has been submitted.

Voter Registration :Apply For FORM 6

What Documents Are Needed to Apply for Voter ID Card?

  • Address proof
  • identity proof
  • passport size photograph

You can carry driving license, birth certificate, high School mark sheet, ration card, and utility bill in order to get yourself verified.

Why do People Apply for Election Card / Voter Card?

Well, we all are aware about the fact that voter ID card is an important identity proof. It helps the citizen to get enrolled for voting.

The citizens who do not have their voting Id card with them during the time of electoral would not be allowed to give their votes.

The online process of UP voter ID card application crystal clear and provides you with regular update in your registered email id and phone number. You have to apply for the card right from the comfort of your home and expect the prompt delivery of the card in the registered address.

FAQ for voter ID card

Can I apply for voter ID card?

Yes definitely you can apply for voter ID card as long as you are 18 years of age or above and living in India. Just have a stable internet connection and apply it right away. Get your important document scanned so that you can produce immediate proof of your identity while filling up the application form.

From where can I get the form?

You can avail the form from voter Id card online website. Exceptionally if you are working as a part of government entity, go for form 6.

Which fields are mandatory to be filled in voter ID card form?

  • The first section that asks you to input your d o b, gender, name, birthplace etc. is highly important
  • The second section which requires the complete detail of your address including the street name, country, pin code and everything else
  • The third section is yet another important place that you cannot leave empty and have to fill up by providing the family details.
  • The fourth section requires your permission to get enrolled for the electoral roll.
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