Best Dating Apps Like Tinder – Best Tinder Alternatives in 2018


When the Tinder App entered in the market of Dating Apps, people forgot all the Apps Like Tinder those are way better than the former one. Well, Tinder had got a tremendous response from Singles from all over the world.

But as you guys know, that we all want new taste in some time, and when we didn’t get any result from a service, every user of that service want to try another one and the same thing apply on Tinder also. When a single user didn’t get any partner from it even they tried their level best that time, they want to try some another service so they can get results.

Apps Like Tinder

Apps Like Tinder
Apps Like Tinder

Well, you don’t need to worry about this because we are going to share some of the Best Dating Apps Like Tinder with all of you are in trend in 2018. All of these Tinder Alternatives in this list are one of the top-notch dating apps 2018 like tinder where you can try your luck and you can also get your life partner or loved one.

Best Tinder Alternatives

So, let’s begin the list of Apps Like Tinder 2018:

Top 5 Dating Apps Like Tinder

They are available on Google Play Store and iTunes and those are absolutely FREE to use with terms and conditions applied on them. Below we have added the entire Tinder Alternatives short intro below, so you can understand the app and use it like pro.

  1. The Grade

In the list of “Apps Like Tinder,” the Grade didn’t add is not possible because it is one of the most favorite dating apps from all over the world. It is a female friendly and female-oriented app. With the features of this makes it different from other apps like tinder dating app.

The grade is quite strict in their terms of usage and it automatically eliminates those low-quality users who are offensive and keep on irritating females on this app.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Well, CMB is a tremendous service in the dating apps industry and it is as popular as The Grade. Hence, they both have almost same features and they both can be set in the top position. With CMB you can start the conversation only when the other one likes your profile too. In this way, it added some more security to your profile, especially when using dating apps as the girl. There is another catch here that if the user does not like your profile in 24 hours then the bagel gets skipped automatically.


SWEATT is a kinda new challenger in the list of apps like Tinder, where it comes with unique kinda dating platform that tries to match people on the basis of their fitness, daily health habits and stuff like this. YES, it is a mixture of sports and dating app both. It sets up people together on the basis of their workout routine and fitness consciousness.

SWEATT save people from being ashamed of being rejected in the gyms. Now, you don’t need to flirt with girls at the gym and start looking for someone on this dating app.

Right now SWEATT is available for iOS devices only and you can download it directly from iTunes. To proceed with this app, you need to answer some questions about your fitness regimen so your data can be saved easily for other people. This app provides an option for those matches who follow the same lifestyle.

  1. OKCupid

The next one in this list of apps like Tinder is called OKCupid dating app. It is now available for both platforms Android and iOS devices and you can download it for free of cost. This app is quite similar to Tinder but surely some reforms that will make the accessing better than Tinder.

You don’t need to link to your Facebook Profile along to authenticate your OKCupid profile. The app works with the help of your GPS and works in a real time. This GPS feature enables users to catch up with the potential matches around you. In this way, the chances of getting hooked up with someone are higher as compared with other similar apps. If you need to involve more than this app, then you can link your official Instagram Account with it so your picture can check here.

  1. Bumble

Bumble is known as lukewarm to Tinder but it has different and better policy than tinder. Bumble is one of the most similar kinda apps like Tinder that works just the way Tinder do for you. However, there are some reforms that make it a better option than Tinder.

Just like Tinder, you need to create your profile that is displayed to the potential matches. People need to swipe right if they liked the profile which is a feature completely similar to Tinder app.

When you swipe right on your favorite profiles then they will be added to your Hive section and nowhere, comes the correction of issues of annoyance from men and silence from women. The girls must initiate and start a conversation with the men in first 24 hours otherwise the male person disappeared from her hive.

However, if a man is seriously interested in a girl then the app will provide him 24 hours more to keep him connected to her on Bumble app. Bumble is one of its kind apps like tinder that are doing perfect approach towards online dating trend. The site is free to access and you can use it once you sign up for it.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this article on Apps like Tinder where you have now plenty of options where you can find your loved one as soon as possible and simply use them and try to find your true love. If you like this post then please do share it with your friends and family members because this article will help them to meet their loved one and you can drop your queries in the comment section below.

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