Asus New Launches Power Master App Battery Life, Zenfone 3 Max Series


Asus announced a new software update for the ASUS ZenFor Max 3 series via firmware over-the-air (FOTA). Which is also known as the Power Master app. Also available for the older version of the Power Master app Zenfone Max series.

Power Master App

The latest software is loaded with nine battery extension technologies. Which are meant to enhance the Asus zenfone 3 max review smartphone experiences, as claimed by the company?

When the PowerMaster app starts with 2x Lifespan option. The Asus Zenfone 3 max zc520tl price phone is asked to charge smartly to increase the number of charge cycles, and its capacity decreases from 15% to 7%. It also manages the battery charging while producing minimum heat. Which will result in a longer battery life?

In addition, the Zenfone 3 Max smartphone has a reverse charging feature. Which charges other USB devices (OTG) cable as well. To use this advantage, users have to plug the OTG cable into. ZenFone Max 3 and charge the plug-in device in the USB charging cable.

In addition, there is a scan mode that helps optimize. The Asus Zenfone 3 max price in India smartphone’s battery. It caters to a list of suggested optimization that enables efficient power consumption.

Coming down auto-start manager, the option offers adjustment of the start-up app that users really need. It helps in saving the power that will otherwise be consumed automatically and every time. The user reboots his phone, it will be ruined on unnecessary applications.

Asus New Launches Power Master App Battery Life for Zenfone 3 Max

On the battery mode front, the power master app offers an array of battery modes. It has five separate battery modes, which battery are saving capabilities and two smart switches. That are ready to meet the appropriate benefits for the user. There are five battery modelsdisplay mode, normal mode, power saving mode. Super saving mode and customized mode, two smart switches – Switch to battery level and switch to schedule.

In addition, the Boost feature increases battery backup by clearing all background apps after extended sessions. It keeps memory clean and helps the processor reduce unnecessary application processing.

Similarly, the Power Master App She feature controls the temperature and prevents. The smartphone from short circuits, reset, input/output Over-voltage and over-current. Which can otherwise interfere with the smartphone, and in order to ensure a secure smartphone experience. The battery TCO Also enables charger protection.

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The last long feature displays a variety of options. Which allow maximum battery savings in charge per charge through. The offering of instant toggles that help consumers with power saving. The battery usage feature gives users the knowledge of Android device usage, which shows detailed battery usage statistics per charge.

The Power Master app provides intelligent. Ways to reduce energy consumption, charge on unnecessary apps, and allows users to enjoy better battery performance. According. ASUS, “PowerMaster’s 2x Lifespan option has been turned on, the battery has increased considerably over the years.

This feature charges the phone wisely to increase the amount of charge cycle. So that the normal battery of the phone is normal Can support in the form, 7% by the plant. The battery while generating minimal heat. As a result, the age of the battery Slows down when performing best.


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