Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL Review, Detailed And Price


Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL has been set to do it but fails this lively beauty feature is a gimmick that really does not work. In addition, the phone does not perform very well, nor does it have any stand-out feature that spends on expenditure, it is not a good purchase.

Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL

Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL: Detailed

The phone is considered the first to come with real-time beautification camera, which basically beautifies your face while going live on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Asus has added another member in its Genfon series with the launch of Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL Smartphone; the device comes with a price of 9,999 rupees and will be available on Flipchart. The phone is considered the first to come with real-time beautification camera, which basically beautifies your face while going live on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Something interesting to offer a Smartphone in this regard, but what are the other things like total performance, camera, and battery? We’ve spent some time with the device and here we think of Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL.

When Facebook announced the aspirations of their live stream for the first time, many applauded the move as a revolutionary. It is true that live streaming on the internet is the fastest way to get information for the world, and live stream television can give a run for your money on Facebook or YouTube. And it’s on the betting on Taiwan’s SES. The company’s new phone, Asus Zenfone Live is “the world’s first live streaming Smartphone”.

The “live stream” part of Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL ends in an app inside the phone and ends as it is called Asus Beauty Live and before that many graceful apps has done it. As the name suggests, when you are life, the app beautifies your face, it has a simple interface, which has a slider that lets you select between one and 10 reinforcement levels. The Booth line live feature is also available for video shot with the front camera.

Streaming Phone

Beautification on this app is similar to any other beautifying app. This is the first such application, though not for live video. Its aim is to make the photo bright and to improve the skin tone.

Asus Zenfone Live follows the design language, which is similar to the other smartphones available at this price range. However, we liked that in fact, this device is very light because it weighs only 120 grams. The phone is compact and does not slip by hand, which is a good thing to play the front 5 inch screen, as well as on top of the base and front-facing camera along with the physical navigation as well as the front flash and earpiece Plays Volume control and power on/off buttons of the right homes, while on the left you will get a hybrid sim slot.

At the top, there is a headphone jack, while there is also a speaker grill with Micro USB port on the base. The primary camera with LED flash on the back and it can get its bottom, will get a chrome-plated Asus logo Overall, the device is lightweight and can work smoothly, thanks to all compact designs.

To launch beautified videos, just open this app, choose the level of beautification and tap the Facebook or YouTube option to go live. Tapping on these options will actually open the related app, and the rest of the live streaming process is just as common as it is. Asus is launching with these two apps right now but plans to add support for Instagram and Periscope as well.

Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL Help

In one word, the answer will not be there. Asus’ softens the tone of the skin to hide the algorithm (blemish) and shines the background to some extent is a slider so that you can choose between 1-10 level beautifications. With each, overall brightness increases slightly and the skin tone is soft. But, by doing so, the phone loses almost all details on your face, which makes it look quite unnatural.

That’s disappointing to be honest, offering the phone for the only gimmick, I hope so much more. The Asus’ Beauty Live app is essentially a beautification app that does not work very well. Except for the fact that it connects to Facebook and other apps, in fact, there is no new or innovative here. On the other hand, live video is often done through the back camera, whereas the Asus app only spreads to sophistication. Which means that its utility is limited to starting.


Asus has installed a 5 MP camera on the front for its own video and video. Pixel size is quite large here, but image quality is not something really, in fact, dual cameras were installed with the opposition, Vivo and other companies.

On the front, this is not exactly affected, of course, Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL is very cheap, but even a neat camera is in Newbie M2 Light (which is in this price at Ballpark). Asus has added a “soft light” Flash on the front for a good solution, but with any flash, this is not a big difference.

Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL

The images appear blurred and unnatural even with the graceful level 0. By pushing them to 10, all the details will be removed too. Color reproduction is also limited, which means that the overall effect of selfish is nothing but normal. Once again, you would expect that the front camera on such a Smartphone would be more advanced.

It is also suitable for the 13 MP rear cameras, it can take useful shots in good light, but often gets spoiled due to low light loss due to excessive noise and expansion, and the colors seem almost always bright. When we click on light conditions, we saw thick grains, and the contrast levels are less than the norm. The rear camera is quite useful when shooting with enough time on your hands, but it often loses focus, even when you’re tapping to focus.


Asus Zenfone Live is a plastic body, but it is well designed and light. Under the display are the capacitive buttons for home, back and more, while the power on/off button and volume rotation is on the right side. This is a traditional candy bar design, but the one that still affects. Genfone Live is easy to use with one hand and does not feel uncomfortable in your pocket. It will also qualify as attractive.

In front of it, there is a 5-megapixel shooter 1.4-micron pixel size and aperture F / 2.2 and 82-degree viewing area. The front also has a soft light LED flash. During broad daylight, the Smartphone can take some good shots, although the description was above average. The camera UI is easy to operate and loads in some interesting ways, including auto, HDR Pro, beautification, super resolution, kids, low light, QR code, night, effect and so on. HDR Pro Mode works fine because. It adds more important details to the photos without revealing the colors present in the photo.

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On the other hand, we found some problems with build quality. First of all, there is a small amount of flex in the body, if you try to press it down, more importantly; sim slot (at least on our review unit) will not be ejected. Inserting the pin unlocks the SIM tray, but it was imposing on it, as much as it needs to be.


Now, where things are completely different from here, you will expect the phone to live streaming to support the best LTE standards and it can provide the fastest user experience. The last thing you want to know is that when it’s going live. The phone is slow to slow down or a heavy app before Facebook is heavy. But this is exactly what Asians Gene Fong Live.

Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL

Genfone runs on the Snapdragon 400, which Qualcomm now classifies as a chipset for wearable. The two-year-old chipset supports up to 4 (downlink) speeds. Which means that it is not really up to the modern standards. It is not that you will feel the difference in practical terms.

Where you think that although regular use is Asus Zenfone Live stutter and the show is quite easy. It only has 2 GB RAM, which again puts it behind the phone in this price range. Multitasking is not its strong suit but is it using gaming or phone for simple tasks. It’s as of today’s Smartphone Looks like it does not look faster There are no heating issues. But while browsing on Google Chrome, the phone looks slow. After scrolling through your Facebook news feed or launching the app after each other.


On the software front, this phone runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow in which the company’s UI runs. The touch experience is good and it comes. With some interesting features such as phone manager, blue light filter and more. Audiologist. Which provides you with separate audio presets by pressing any recent menu button and holding it, is actually an accessory.

In addition to this, by opening an application that opens any application and three buttons in the top right corner. Which apps can lock by clicking on Then there is a glove mode. Which increases touch sensitivity when wearing gloves. Any settings can change the Quick Settings option by going to Settings> Asus customized settings

In addition, call connectivity is good and earpiece is also audible in busy environments. The speaker output is optimal and when you increase/decrease the volume, you get the option to choose between outdoor and indoor settings.


Featuring two things about Genfox Live, including several things, on one hand, color and acuity are adequate. But it is difficult to use poor viewing angles. I often stream movies on my phone, it is difficult to present. It against something here because the colors can be easily visible Give it.

On top, the screen looks decent and colors are very balanced like other Asus smartphones. Personally, I would have dark black, but the colorful tones looked natural and admirable. The display is also dim, which means that the visibility of sunlight is optimum.


On paper, Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL battery is not very big, and you will not expect too much here. However, the phone will tell you about a working day about regular use. With about one hour or more of streaming on Amazon Prime, some social networking, many IMs and nearly five calls. The phone lasted approximately 10-12 hours on full charge. It stays within 8 hours on the PC Mark Battery Test, today it keeps it around industry standards.

Bottom line

To sum up, Asus ZenFone Live ZB501KL fails to achieve the goal As Asus was kept in mind. Its sleek app is nothing but normal and with many smart cameras, there are many Smartphone’s available Similarly. The rear camera is also not great is. The same, and the fact that the phone is noticeably slow. It means Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Lenovo’s 6 power and most others are better Smartphone’s than this, even for live streaming videos.

In addition, Zenfone Live has only 16 GB of storage, which is always a deal breaker in our books. There is no fingerprint sensor in it and there is nothing that makes it worth thinking about opponents.


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