How to Backup Your Android Smartphone


How to Backup Your Android Smartphone – Isn’t it quite irritating when your phone constantly shows memory full indication? In any case, you have to initiate factory reset. Despite deleting multiple pictures and application, the error continues to pop up.

The best way is to take a backup of all your data and let it restart once again. crashing up of phone software is definitely heartbreak for any user. Thanks to data backup options that lets you transfer everything automatically without any hassle.

How to Backup Your Android Smartphone

How to Backup Your Android Smartphone

How to Restore Whatsapp Data?

WhatsApp is the most important application in any Android device. It requires a separate mechanism for creating a backup of the old chats in the Google Drive. When you delete WhatsApp and restore it once again, the WhatsApp server asks you to backup the previous data. In case you choose the option, only the received items are restored. The data that has been sent from your and have no room during such restoration.

Method 1 – Backing up Data in The Cloud

The cloud data backup automatically stores your contact form a bookmark, calendar, call history and email in the Google Drive. The cloud method of data backup does not backs up the large sized data files point also comma the Google Drive storage quota does not considered the backup data which spontaneously happens. It’s a big relief for the Android users as Google Drive offers Limited space for important stuff to be saved.

One of the most undesired part of cloud storage is that it doesn’t backs up the SMS, videos, music files and pictures on its own. You have to manually do that to the Gmail account using photos app.

You can change the settings for automatically storing all the photos and videos on its own. Alternatively, you can manually select few important pictures to get backed up in Google Drive storage area. The backed original file is of the same resolution as it was before. The photo app does not considers the utilised storage area.

  • Visit settings – account and sync
  • Tick mark auto sync data
  • Press Google sign in to your Gmail account
  • Turn on all the options that let you synchronize your photos, contact and private app data.
  • Visit settings – backup and reset
  • Press backup my data

Doing this saves your entire data over the internet. Soon after you restart your phone after factory reset, Wi-Fi connection would automatically import all the important files, pictures and everything on its own. However, text messages are not covered as a part of data backup in this process.

Method 2 – Backup Using SD Card

Now this is a traditional method of saving your application, media and messages in an external SD card. Copy everything within your Micro SD card by creating a folder. You have to manually do everything. The backing up of data as well as the installation of data after factory reset is completed is manually done.

Method 3 – backing up data using a laptop/ AKA Manual data transfer

Connect your Android smartphone with a Windows/ mac pc through a data cable for transferring the important data manually. If you are using Mac Operating System, make sure you are using Android file transfer app. Copy the important data and paste it in a particular folder in your laptop / PC.

  • Visit my computer/finder in Mac PC
  • Link SD card and copy all the data right away your computer.
  • Unplug the SD card after copying has been done

Method 4 – Utility Software / Applications for Backing up Data

Utility software refers to backup application or software that can dump all the data of your smartphone and can restore it whenever you desire.

The installed application works best for music files and images that give a huge pain if deleted accidentally. The best is to download backup data application from Play Store and use them right away.

  • Install ES File Explorer
  • Open the homepage
  • Top upon app that comprises of blue colored robot icon on the right hand corner
  • Tap in any of the application until a check mark appears
  • Tick mark all the icons for selecting up the data of your phone
  • In order to view the file that has been saved, check user app and check out back end up apps
  • Tap upon any of those files to reinstalled them without internet connection
  • To save the data in your laptop, connect the phone data through USB
  • Visit internal storage – backup – app
  • Install the files after factory reset has been done

Your Google account must be linked with all the applications that feel important pretentious. You are automatically prompted to store the data that has been tagged up with a single option.

Method 5 – Cloning Apps

Google Play offers one of the best cloning apps for data transfer and backup. The cloning app works just like xender or share it in which you have to connect different devices for transferring old data including passwords and bookmarks.

Method 6 – Third Party Apps


The best way to transfer and backup your phone data is through syncdroid third party application. The free version can be used only for 5 times. the application allows you to connect your smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi / USB cable and immediately transfer the data through simple steps.

Recovery Android

This is yet another third party application that can be used once you get over with syncdroid free service. The recovery Android tool has passed workability and comes with user friendly options to make data backup painless.

Method 7- How to Save Text Messages During Data Backup?

Data backup process does not allow users to initiate SMS backup. However, you can download SMS backup Plus application to get rid of this problem. Just follow –

  • Download the application and staff over it to launch
  • Connected with Gmail account
  • Allow it to initiate SMS backup
  • After factory reset, take back up and get all the messages that once again in your device
  • Tap ok
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