Basic But Important Information About Mobile Phone


Hey there welcome to the mirchitech and here I want to share basic but important information about mobile phone and if you want to understand it better than keep your mind here. in my previous article I shared  6 Things That You Should Know Before Sell Your Android Smart Phone and I hope you read that post if not then visit now and read it because I shared many best information there because I know everytime new and popular mobile come you sell that old phone for buy new phone that is good but you should need to check that 6 things.


Anyway read that information and then come here and read basic and very important features and information about your android smart phone here. So keep reading below:

Basic but important information about mobile phone


Best features and tricks of android mobile phones

So friends read some awesome tricks from below

  1. first call doing by martin cupper on 3rd april 1983 by mobile. And he is the employee of Motorola company.
  2. nokia 1100 is the most sold mobile phone in the world yet. This is the big record of mobile phone.
  3. first mobile created in America in 1973 and the price is 2.5 lakh rupees and that was the phone of Motorola company.
  4. in japane, peoples are using water proof mobile because in japan people using phone when he taking a bath.
  5. you know 70% mobile phones are creating in china.
  6. in world, 49% people are using mobile phone for gaming and 30% are using mobile phones for social media.
  7. in 2012, appale company was sold 4 mobile phones in 1 second and this is the biggest record.
  8. according to survey, person unlock his/her phone more than 100 time in one day.
  9. more than 1,00000 phones are flushed in toilet in Britain. So It is dangerous record of Britain country.
  10. sonim xp 3300 is the strongest mobile of the world and this phone was thrown above 84 fit though phone is safe so this is the biggest gunnies book record .
  11. you know world’s 4 billion people have a own phone don’t have own tooth brush.

12 . the first message in mobile was sent by nill popworth and the message is “merry christmas”

13 – the first photo was captured by philippe kehen throught mobile phone.

14 -every 80 people in 100 are using mobile phone in the world.

15 -that is not good for body and health of more usage of android smart phone.

16- one scientist found one trick that you can charge your phone by your urine.

17 -in china country internet used in mobile phone more than computer.

18 -in facebook most of photos and video uploaded by mobile phone.

19 -99% plus virus are created for android smart phone. Only 1% virus affect to desktop ( laptop , mac and computer) so remember this and be careful.

20 -the world’s first music phone was launched by seimens and tha t name is sl45 and that phone was supported headphone and mp 3 player.

21- Philippines is the no. 1 country there are people using text messaging service most than other countries. 1.4 billions messages are sent everyday in Philippines so this is the big record.

There are many websites allowing you to send messages free and also you can call everywhere totally free. Anyway for more information about mobile phone visit our how to section.

Last words

So friends this is the information about basic but important information about mobile phone and I hope you enjoyed that. If you have any question about that post then send a message to us just go to the contact us form and type email address and your full name and type your message then send it to us. we will reply you soon. If you are regular visitor of this blog thaen subscribe this blog and get latest updates on your mail regularly. You can also unsubscribe easily.

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