Best Android Emulators For PC Windows And Mac of 2017, 2018


Today, a wide range of software is available to install or download any application easily. The Android Emulators software offers excellent support to install any software which created with the latest technology.  A lot of reasons exist to use Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 Laptop or Pc.

Many users are now accessing Android Emulators to playing a game without the help of keyboard or mouse.  Apart from installing applications, it helps to play game full screen without causing any hassle to the user. The joytokey is free software that makes you control more software and enable you to play game elegantly.

Here some Best Android Emulators for Windows are described below.

Best Android Emulators

Choose The Best Android Emulators For Your Pc

1 Remix OS Player:

The remix is a preferable android emulator which used for laptop or pc. The remix os player download is easy to install and contains dual booting capability.  All new pc, the software as a default application and offer more features.  In your laptop, you can play clash of clan’s game with perfect effect.  It also offers bug-free to play any Android game.

2 Memu Emulator:

Memu is an Android Emulators that used to install on both windows and mac operating system computer.  It helps to support a different combination of hardware at the same time without causing any issues.  A huge number of laptop or pc users is operating the software to play games smoothly. It allows a user to play games with AMD and Intel chipsets.  Now, the software is available free online and you might play games with joystick, mouse or keyboard.  Memu enable you to play android games easily.

3 Nox Player:

When it comes to choosing Android Emulators, the app offers the best solution for Pc.  It is a powerful app to install android software on your system. The nox for pc is helpful of gamers.  In the play store, you can download the app to install on your computer.  It will not take much space to store software on personal computer or laptop. The nox app player for mac offers more features to the users.  It provides a mapping of keyboard on the display of the system.

4 BlueStacks:

The bluestacks offline installer helps you to play popular game on your pc.  Usually, it used android app player or android emulator. From bluestacks latest version, you can access unique features which unlike than another emulator. With the help of third-party files, you can install bluestacks for mac. Also get live streaming while playing game on your computer by bluestacks for pc. Install the bluestacks for windows 8 free without external virtual applications.

The free download for windows 7 gives perfect support to play store.  User access it long time and get best results. You may directly play any game from the bluestacks download.


This emulator offer ideal features for productivity.   For android mobile phone it available for lollipop and jelly bean version. The emulator is best option to perform homework, office use and more in your convenient way.  User can access the app for multiple uses. It is a new emulator in this day. If you are looking to download emulator for your computer, then choose this emulator.

6 LeapDroid:

LeapDroid is strongest emulator that helps to detect difficulties in your system. You do not find any issues to download android from pc.  You can access programs such as browser, music, and camera and much more quickly from the emulators.

7 Genymotion:

The software gives user-friendly to access on any platform.  Most of the people are using the app for professionals and development usage. The genymotion android studio acts as very strong supporting software to give exact solution to you. It is not created for personal use.  Developers can test games from different devices easily.  It gives faster speed of operating computer than other emulators.  The emulator contains both free and paid version online.

8 Andyroid:

It is a free Android Emulators which provides right solution for your computer.  It also helps to operate android applications or games quickly on your pc. It is also called as Andy OS.  While playing game it doesn’t cause any trouble or compatibility issues with your system.  Besides, you might play games with full screen and download free from online. It not slows down your system and helps to access new features on your pc.

9 Ko Player:

The ko player for pc mostly focuses on offer right productivity to game.  You can also watch videos from Netflix, Youtube with excellent sound effects.  By using keyboard, you control the streaming.  The koplayer mac helps you to operate different accounts at same time without any lacking issues. Save and download any HD videos from online with the app.  The ko player review helps you to know how the software works on your computer.

10 VirtualBox:

The virtualbox for mac help to download jokes quickly on your pc or computer.  Without using mouse you can process any operations friendly on your device.

11 Android Studio Emulator:

The Android Emulators comes with lots of tools which help to create games and app easily for android device.  However, it is used as powerful tool for developing game.  Within short time you can process development and testing quickly. It is built in emulator that used as free tool for your Pc.  If once you install on your computer then easy to access.

12 Xamarin Android Player:

It helps you to access any android application compatible with ADB.  The emulator will be operated on any platform to provide excellent user interface for mac and windows operating system.   You might get deep integration from the app for xamarin and visual studio.


The droid4x mac contains both downs and ups.   Usually, it is available in play store of all new laptops.  It runs like andy os emulator and provides lag-free operations to the user. The droid4x website helps you to download easily on your computer. The droid4x android emulator download exists free version. The droid4x latest version allows you to install at lesser time.

14 Windroy:

Windroy emulator is unlike than other emulators.  The software is mainly created for gaming and gets better productivity.   For installation, it will not take more space. Within simple steps, you can install on any windows or mac platform.  You no need to install virtual box software to install android app if you have this emulator.  It allows running system smoothly and offering excellent support to playing game.

15 Xamarin:

The app looks like android studio emulator.  The software helps you to develop Microsoft visual studio faster which involves integrated emulator.  For personal use, it available for free online. Xarmarin emulator helps to develop right studio and environment-friendly to operate. You have to plug the app into IDE.

16 YouWave:

This Android Emulators is oldest one which available now in free version.  The installation process is very simple to install on any device. The youwave Whatsapp is best option for gaming and productivity. It offers an excellent support to the game players.

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