Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Mac


It’s no surprise that your MacBook gets filled up with excess data the more you use it. If you often use Photos and iTunes, there is a high chance you have plenty of copies hidden in the depth of your Apple device. Even though you may think it’s okay to have tons of duplicates on your Mac, the truth is that all these files and documents take a lot of space which is not good.

You should understand that doubles are just a waste of disk space. They can take a huge amount of space on both your Macintosh HD or SSD. That’s the main reason Apple Mac experts suggest removing duplicate files on the notebook. There are many other reasons to remove duplicate files on Mac. By deleting duplicates, you eliminate the frustration of not being able to search for specific data quickly. Also, removal process improves overall Mac performance since more free space usually makes a Mac faster. The last but not the least – you can make more Time Machine backups, less worrying about data loss.

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Today, many useful apps can help you to find and remove duplicates on Mac. However, most of them are paid software. If you are not willing to spend money on a duplicate-file-finder app, then you better look for free tools for this purpose. Here is the list of the best duplicate file finder tools for Mac to find and remove copies.

Disk Drill: Your Favorite Macintosh Duplicate File Finder

disk drill duplicate file finder

Disk Drill Free Duplicate Finder is fast and accurate in detecting all kinds of identical and similar documents. With its help, you can quickly remove unwanted doubles and keep your Mac clean.

Disk Drill works as follows: it analyzes your storage space for doubles that take up valuable space. In addition to that, the tool scans both internal and external drives to find and delete duplicate data, be it audio files, photos, videos or other types of documents.

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This free duplicate file finder for Mac simplifies the task of identifying wasted storage space.

To use the tool download and install the app on your Mac. Then, launch the app and select scan locations. Once the location has been added to the scan list, you can add other locations. Comparing the contents of the multiple folders saves your time. Next steps are all about scanning for duplicate files and removing the copies. Using this free duplicate file finder for Mac is as simple as that.

Summing Up

For most Mac users it’s inevitable to have duplicate files. Luckily, there are many ways to find those doubles either with Apple’s built-in features or via useful duplicate file finders.

Disk Drill is an exceptional utility for finding and deleting identical files. In addition to being free, the tool is very simple to use. With its help, you can easily find duplicate files on Mac and remove them in just a few clicks. Saving storage space on Mac has never been easier!

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