Best And Free Screen Recorder For Desktop


Hey there welcome to our blog and here i want to share the information of Best and free screen recorder for desktop and in my previous article i shared How to Increase Battery Backup of Laptop and i hope you enjoyed that post. Because it is the information about laptop battery life so every laptop users should read it. Today every laptop facing the problem of low battery life so it is the big problem. But after you read that post you will feel free to this problem.

Free Screen Recorder

Anyway today i have information for youtubers and vloggers and video lovers who wants to create screen recordings and publish it so it is the best method to earn money. Screen recording is the best for understand the tutorial easily. You need to download first net framework all version because many screen recorders not working without net frame work so remember it.

Best and free screen recorder for desktop

Free Screen Recorder

Camstudio screen recorder

Camstudio is the best and free screen recorder. It is the most used and most downloaded screen recorder in the world. You can create demonstration videos for any software program. so if you want to understand to other then this software s the most important software.

After you record it then just upload it in windows movie maker. After you upload it then make some effects and also you can edit image there.  There are many images and videos effects available.

Camstudio is the completely free for non commercial and personal use. You can make some high quality recorded video in a few minutes. The cam studio originally released by a company called rendersoft. Ehelp bought it and for robodemo. Download updated version to get better and well performance now camstudio is rendersoft development.

Icecream screen recorder

Icecream screen recorder is another best program for newbie who want to create screen recorded video. You can download it from icreamapps official website. This screen recording software is the free for personal use. And you can record video up to five minutes in free version. It is a tool that anable capture any area of your screen.

You can record webinars, skype videos and game in hd. Ice cream screen recorder support wmv. You can also draw on screen. Ice screen recorder has a more features than camstudio and ezvid. You can select area which you want to capture and record.

Drawing panel is the most popular feature of this screen recorder tool. You can add watermark and webcam. Also you can create video in high , low and medium quality. And the extra features are zoom in wile recording , around mouse screen recording  and step tool.

You can also use hotkeys and shortcut keys during recording. This screen recorder support windows 7 , windows 8 , windows 10 ,  windos xp  and windows vista.

Ezvid screen recorder

Ezvid is the another great screen recorder and top list screen recorder. This is different than ice cream screen recorder and camstudio screen recorder. With voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control, Ezvid the world’s single best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers.

By the way ezvid screen recorder have a totally different features then camstudio and ice cream screen recorder so you can try this software.

You can capture screen and start recording whatever appear in computer screen. This is the new video player and released on 2012. Anyway subscribe mirchitech to get latest updates and new post on your mail.

Last words

So friends this is the information about Best and free screen recorder for desktop and i hope you read it carefully and if not then read again. Leave message to us to ask any question just go to below and click on contact us and  then enter name and number and type message and send it to us. We will reply you soon. Share this article on social media  like facebook , whatsapp , twitter , isntagram , linkedin , reddit , dig , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus.  Thank you all readers. good bye.


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