Best Free Video Editing Software & Websites


Are you in video editing profession or a Youtuber? Well, if YES then you might always think that which one is the best free video editing software in the market that can fulfill your requirements. As well as people also found free video editing software’s so they can choose one for them and it can edit and render their videos fast and smoothly.

So today we are going to share some best professional video editing software and websites which help you to edit your videos easily and with them, once you start editing you will be an expert to do this task and all the free video editing software for mac and free video editing software for windows 10.

Best Free Video Editing Software

We are going to share with you all are easily usable for new video editors as well and new video editors can also prefer this course if they want something best tutorials for video editing.

Best Free Video Editing Software & Websites

By using free video editing software you can easily edit your videos in a very convenient way and as a beginner editor it a smart choice for all or if you start your YouTube career just now then free video editing software for YouTube is must have on your Mac or Windows PC.

Some beginners also looking for free video editing software no watermark but it is common sense that if any company provide you a free video editing software for YouTube beginners then definitely some free video editing software online will provide their company logo as awatermark.

Some free video editing programs come with limited editing features, and after a while when you become professional slowly then you realize that your competitors edit their videos with best video editing software’s and this is why there are getting more views and getting afar better audience than you.

If you are also facing this faze these days then you need to switch to free video editing software Reddit 2017 so you can also compete with them.

Let’s start the list of free video editing software and websites which can be used to edit and render videos easily for FREE:

Best Free Video Editing Software& Tools List:

  1. Apple iMovie

It is a free download app which can be downloaded from Mac App Store with your registered Apple ID. iMovie is one of the most favorite product for all mac users who are connected with video editing field because it offers plenty of premium features for video editing and audio editing.

With this, you can add Photos, Music, and graphics to your videos or movies. iMoviedoes not look like a full complete package of video editing but it is made for Mac users who want to edit videos quickly on their MacBooks. But mind you guys it comes with rich features.

  1. VSDC Video Editor

It is one of most used software for all popular video editors when they are anewbie in this field. It comes with easy to use interface but with rich features and functionality. This video editing software for PCs comes with plenty of visual and audio effects you can add your movies or videos.

This software can edit 4K and HD files and it will never affect the quality of the video provided by your DSLRs.

  1. Pinnacle VideoSpin

Pinnacle VideoSpin is designed for PCs and it free video editing software that is designed for taking out complexity from video editing.

It comes with so many tools, transitions, and effects so you can make your videos more appealing.

  1. YouTube Video Editor

YouTube video editor is an easy and free tool to trim best clips from your recorded videos. The editing power is limited and you will never get an uncompressed version of your final editing file but you simply uncompressed it with any software.

  1. WeVideo

WeVideois a shared online video editing tool so you and your team can easily work tighter at any place by this online tool. Your rendered videos will be saved in Google Drive by thewebsite itself. So your computer space will be safe for your editing work.

You can use their android and iOSWeVideo app to capture footage on your mobile and edit directly via their online tool.

  1. OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor is available for Window PC, Mac, and Linux and it is a wonderful software. It is a cross-platform application that can easily handle unlimited videos. It comes with plenty of video effects to add to your video and 3D animations.

  1. Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite is a free video editor for Windows. The free lite version is very useful for free video editing software for students.

It is good for simple editing video files, Deletion of unnecessary clips, copying, moving and mixing individual clips.

The free version supports only AVI and WMV files and it can’t edit audio files. It is a good video editing tool for people with ZERO video editing experience.

Final Verdict:

We hope you like this post on “Best Free Video Editing Software” and you are pro or newbie these tools will definitely help you to make your videos more appealing and unique. Use it wisely and share your experience with us.

If you have any query regarding these above tools then drop your questions in the comment section below and we will try to come back to you as soon as possible.

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