Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes List 2018 (Safe Tricks)


Every smartphone comes with certain hidden smartphone iPhone Secret Codes which reasonably limit user for messing up the inner settings available in the smartphones. These are specially designed hidden codes that let you chance the inner settings. These types of codes are primarily used for troubleshooting certain functions from the standpoint of builders. In fact, these codes are the perfect blend of numeric key phrases and characters that are starting with a symbol * and end with a symbol #.

Everyone knows that the iPhone is a famous smartphone in the digital technology of the present world. They come with lots of features that can completely change the smartphone usage overnight. If you use iPhone, you can find the hidden iPhone codes that can unlock many hidden settings and features. These kinds of secret codes let you do several things with the iPhone.

iPhone Secret Codes

There are tons of iPhone Secret Codes available now, but few of only suits all needs.   For choosing the suitable one, you can read this guide which shares you the iphone secret codes list 2017.  By using these hidden codes, you can enjoy some additional functioning on your iPhone.

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Top secret codes for unlocking the hidden features

The list of hidden iPhone codes helps iPhone users to unlock many hidden settings and features. This article can share you the lots of iphone secret codes unlock that will let users to anything with their iPhone.  There are many ways available to know about the iPhone hacks and hidden codes, but the online tutorials and blogs make the task simpler. By using this guide, you can know the iphone secret codes to unlock the device. The best secret codes show you the complete information and features on the iPhone, so you can consider the iphone secret codes pdf without any uncertainty.

iPhone Secret Codes List 2017

  • IMEI Code of iPhone: *#06#

Knowing the original identification of the hardware of your phone is very essential, so you can use the best secret code for knowing it.  This iPhone reveals the IMEI code of your iPhone.

  • Inner setting code of iPhone: *3001#12345#*

Opening a field mode of iPhone is essential because it helps you to know the cell data, newest network and inner settings of iPhone. This secret code of iPhone opens that field mode that consists of all essential data of your iPhone.

  • Busy call forwarding code of iPhone: *#67#

It is an essential code which comes completely handy when the iPhone is busy. By using this hidden code of iPhone, you can quickly check the mobile number to call forwarding. Most importantly, it is helpful only while you iPhone is busy.

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  • Postpaid Available time code of iPhone: *646#

This kind of code is only useful for the Postpaid user. This secret code will display postpaid users the accessible minutes of their talk time.

  • Code for checking the bill balance: *225#

It is also useful for only the postpaid users. It helps users to check their bill balance without spending more time.

  • Code for checking account balance: *777#

The account balancing checking of iPhone is only for the prepaid users.   It will display you the use of account balance.

  • Call the control bars: *#33codes to unlock#

It is one of the best mobile secret codes for iphone that aids in checking the call control bars. The iPhone code also displays when the barring option is disabled or enabled for outgoing. Apart from that, it also lets user check all usual suspects including information, voice, SMS, fax and much more.

  • Connected Line Presentation code: *#76#

You can utilize these secret codes to check iphone and its features.  It also lets you know whether this connected line presentation option is enabled successfully or not.  Additionally, the user can check whether this connected line presentation option is disabled or enabled in a calling line presentation.

  • Call forwards code of iPhone: *#21#

You can easily set the inquiry for iPhone to call forwards as well as find settings for the call forwarding option. Along with this, you can see if you have SMS, knowledge, voice, async and sync, fax packed and paid access call forwarding disabled or enabled.

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  • Information Info of iPhone: *3282#

It is an essential and highly useful hidden iPhone code that let a user know about the usage of information info.

  • Check the number of missed calls: *#61#

The missed call checking code is highly useful business individuals and other busy people who do not like to miss even a single important call.   This code will display the missed calls that you have actually received.

  • Verification code of call forwarding: *#62#

This hidden iPhone code verifies number for the forwarding calls just if any service is not available.

  • EFR Mode of iPhone: *3370#

It will activate the EFR mode improved Full Rate that improves the voice quality of your iPhone, but this option will slightly decrease the life of your battery.

  • Check the SMS Center of iPhone: *#5005*7672#

By using this iPhone code, you can easily check the SMS center of your iPhone in a quick way.

  • Barring code of iPhone: *331*

It will clearly show iphone users barring code of Outgoing calls for overseas to block a lock code to inquire for that you have to contact the network operator.

  • Call Waiting Status of iPhone: *#43#

It will display the status of call waiting.

  • Activate the Call Waiting option: *43#

This iPhone secret code will activate the call waiting.

  • Deactivate the Call Waiting option: #43#

The hidden iPhone code will deactivate call waiting

  • Hide Your mobile number Number: *#31#

It is a helpful hidden code that let you hide the number.

These are the super-secret and best iphone codes of 2017, so you can utilize them for seeing various inner settings of iPhone.  If you do not have any idea about how to check iphone secret code, you can read this passage. Most importantly, the iPhone codes are available in the form of input, so the iPhone users need to type the secret codes for iphone in their dialer.  You can type the hidden iPhone codes in your iPhone dialer and enjoy many amazing iPhone features every time.

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