Best Hookup Tips Of Which You Should Know About

You have stepped into college and you are trying to find a girl for yourself or just got a match from any hookup site?! You are probably not in for the love game but you just want to hook up! Well, we all go through that phase when the hormones are raging! There are hormonal changes in the body and we get attracted to the opposite sex. Have you seen the Maslow’s hierarchy?

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Hook up

When you look at the Maslow’s pyramid hierarchy, you would notice that sex is important. It is a physiological need. Just like sleep, food, and breathing is important – sex is as important!

As we grow up, our heart wants to get hooked! When you say the word, ‘hook up’, some may not understand what it really means! What does it really mean?

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hookup site

To hook up

Definition 1

When you get involved with the intention of having relations or dating

Definition 2

To meet someone and hang out with them

Now that you know the clear definition of, ‘hooking up’, you may want to know how it is done! Here we are talking about the first definition. Most people get nervous and they do not make the first move. Ah! Life is short, my friend. You need to make the best of it by letting go of the nervousness.

Hooking up is an art and you can be master of it. How? We have listed the best hook up tips of which you should know about! How does that sound? This will help you to get hooked with any man/woman that your heart craves for!

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The Prep Phase

Clean up, amigo!

Before you hook up, you need to get cleaned up! Yes, get waxed and for the men, it may be tricky because some women like the beard and some like the clean shave look. For both the sexes, you must take a long shower and get fresh! You should smell fantastic!

Hooking up in the car

In case you are hooking up in the car, you must clean it! It should smell good from the inside. Also, you would need to find a secluded spot before you start with the action! Another quick tip is that you must have tissue papers and wet wipes! This is to clean up the mess after the action! Are you getting it? Keep the condoms handy and some place where you can easily find them!

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Get comfortable

Getting comfortable with the opposite sex comes later! Firstly, you need to wear something in which you are comfortable. An uncomplicated outfit is necessary. Since you are going to hook up, you may want to wear something which is easy to take off! Yes, there we said it!

The PLACE does matter

Where are you meeting? You should look for a place where you won’t get caught! You need to choose a place where your mother, father or teachers do not catch you! Be far away from the world. Get a room!

Be Yourself

Being you is sexy! Do not try too hard to be someone you are not! Most people would love the rawness about you! Just be natural.

Don’t depend on alcohol

Most people would drink alcohol to get confidence! Now there is a limit here. If you have two pegs and you are good to go then it is going to be the best hook up of your life! However, if you are getting drunk, it may turn out be an embarrassment. Some people cannot handle drinks and they may puke everywhere! Nuh-uh sister!!!!!

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The Rules

  • Never hook up with a drama queen or the girl in the neighbourhood, who is active on social media. You never know! If you have no plans of dating her, she could tell the world about that ONE steamy night! Your personal life should be a private affair. Well, people would get to know how you roll on the bed and everything about your personal life. Control! Stay far away from the beautiful lady in your neighbourhood.
  • Never let your partner pressure you to do anything YOU DO NOT WANT to do! This is to indicate that if you want to make out then go ahead. However, be clear about what you do not want to do!
  • In case there are awkward moments, just laugh it off. This is the first time you are hooking up with someone and you may not get it right! Just laugh and it would be cool! There is no pressure here.
  • Don’t forget to use a condom! We are not being MOMMY here but the chances of passing sexually transmitted diseases are high! Why take the chance? Just buy the favourite flavour for the girl and it hardly takes some time to put it on! A note to the girls – even if you are on the pill, you must use condoms!

Post the HOOK UP!

  • Don’t stay for breakfast, my love. In case you are in love with the lady/man, you can cook them some breakfast and make vows on the bed! If it is a casual hook up, do not wait for breakfast. Dress up and leave! No hard feeling, my dear! Even if you have a hangover, you should not overstay!
  • Give the person some time and space! If you are hooking up with a girl/boy in the campus, it may be awkward after THE wild night! Do not ignore and greet each other normally. Do not over text the person and keep it easy breezy! It is time to move on!

Did this post help you? We hope so! Hooking up is fun but it lasts for a night. If you enjoy it, you can make it a regular practice! However, be safe and do it where the world cannot see you! Be yourself and make the kiss unforgettable. Do not be conscious about how you are looking while you are at it! When you are natural, you attract the attention of the man/woman! Most importantly, use a condom! We believe that you are ready for the action! All the best!


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