Best Iphone Emulators for Windows PC


Have you ever wanted to try out various iPhone application but running short of money to own an apple device? Then emulators can the ultimate choice for you to put your hands on. Most of the people aren’t even aware of Iphone Emulators for PC; you might also be wondering what an emulator?

If you are looking to use iPhone apps without owning an iPhone, keep reading this article to find a list of all apple iPhone OS based emulators that are available to be used in windows PC. We did a thorough research on all emulators and have listed only those that work properly.

Iphone Emulators for PC

Best Iphone Emulators for Windows PC 2017 – 2018

What is iPhone OS emulator?

An emulator is software that can be installed to run applications of other operating systems like iPhone OS and Android. The iPhone emulator thus allows running several games or applications on your computer without any requirement of owning an iPhone. The emulators are especially for developers who want to develop applications, games and other programs for platform of other operating systems.

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Emulators thus become very handy for developers to test various applications, but they also come handy for those looking to run iPhone Apps on their computers. There are several ios emulators for windows operating systems, but here we have listed the best emulators that you can use to run iPhone Apps in your windows computer. Now that you’ve got an idea about emulator and how they serve our purpose, let’s have a look at the best iPhone emulators.

Top 3 ios Emulators For PC (7/8/8.1/10)

  1. iPadian iPhone Emulator

This emulator has been called as the best iPhone emulator for windows PC. Available in two different versions, you can avail the benefits of iPadian emulator thorough using both free and paid versions.The free version can give you the basic feel of iOS whereas the paid version allows you to run iPhone Applications like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat which cannot be used in free version. The paid version cost 10$ which is ad free and supports many more applications and features. You can download. Play ios games on PC and run any application without any kind of issue.

The features of iPadian emulator include access to customized app store and use of any app withi the store. To use the iPadian emulator, download it from the link given below, and install it.

Click here to download iPadian emulator- ipadian

iPadian iPhone Emulator Windows

Once you install the program, double click on the icon and select store from the interface. You can download your favourite apps and run them on your PC.

  1. Air iPhone Emulator

The airphone emulator is another brilliant iPhone OS emulator that is available for window PC supporting version 8.1 and above. When you use this emulator, you can use several apple store apps in your windows PC without having any issue. It is a must try application for all those people who are looking for ways to use Apple store applications but cannot afford to own an iPhone.

IPhone OS developers can also try this emulator to try our various applications for free. It’s a completely free ios simulator for windows which can be a great alternative to iPadian iPhone emulator which is totally free for all applications. Just download the Airphone emulator from the link given below, run it on your device and follow the instructions.

Click here to download the air iPhone emulator for windows – Air-iphone

Air iPhone Emulator Windows PC


  1. Xamarian Testflight

The Xamarian testflight is the most promising apple ios emulators for windows. It is a paid version but the money you spend will be totally worth it. In terms of developer support, Xamarian Testflight is just the bets emulator you can land your claim upon. It allows you to have a complete access on all apple store applications and run them on windows PC without any hassle.

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All applications run smoothly and give a great feel of using ios. If you want to know the procedure for setting up the emulator, you can visit their site to find the instructions and to download the Xamarian testflight in your windows PC. It has high quality graphics like an iPhone clone.

Click here to download the Xamarian Testflight emulator-

ios Iphone Emulators for windows are a great medium of using iPhone Applications, so if you cannot afford buying an iPhone or you want to try apple store apps before buying the apple device then emulators are the best alternative to the apple devices. All these emulators work best when you want to explore iPhone apps on your PC.

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They support all versions to give you advantages of using an emulator. Smart face emulator, iPhone Simulator, and Mobione studio are also great emulators which are worth a try. If you want to explore advantages of apple store’s application, all these emulators are worth trying.

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