Our Top 15 Best Life Insurance Trusted Companies in India


Believe it or not, less than 10% of Indian have a relevant Best Life Insurance policy plans to protect them against any mishaps. The idea of discussing about life insurance is itself not liked by people. However, it is pointless to ignore such an important thing. Life insurance policies cover both individual and commercial lives. They play an important role in life planning and business management purpose.

Amongst several types of life insurance policies, the best life Insurance Company would help you to choose a particular life insurance policy plan and get worthwhile benefits through it.

Best Life Insurance

Let’s Discover The List of Top Best Life Insurance Trusted Companies:-

Top Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Companies in India

no matter how well you have been earning, ensuring the future of your family in financial terms is something more than necessary. You just cannot overlook anything despite being young.

After all, few things are simply unexpected. HDFC Life Insurance would help your family to deal with financial crisis and education expenses in the needed time. The company has been helping the dependents to have a dignified life all together.

another life insurance company that has been authorized by IRDA serves as the top most insurance company in India. Established under the joint venture between Bajaj auto and Allianz AG, it is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies that provide you traditional, child, pension and health related policies.

LIC life insurance plans have never been a failure in protecting the future of dependence. Being one of the most trusted life insurance companies of all time, LIC not only helps in dealing with debt and routine expenses but also allows gives you a way to earn your own bread.

ICICI Life Insurance policy plans are formulated after much thoughts and consideration. The management of expenses after you get retired is facing those unexpected expenses apart from the regular ones can be handled with the relevant Best life insurance policy by ICICI.

Birla Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between Sun Life financial and Aditya Birla Group. it is known to serve more than 20 lakh policyholders all over India. It has easy to buy policies with affordable physical Protection Scheme. Also, it comes with income tax benefits and gives a premium deduction for females.

with different requirements, IDBI comes up with different types of life insurance covers to meet up your routine requirements. Supported Best Life Insurance policy provides emergency funds to your dependence. Choose the best term life insurance from IDBI and fulfill all your responsibility in the best way possible.

apart from providing a protection your loved ones, Kotak life insurance policies also come up with tax saving scheme. No matter which type of life insurance policy you choose to purchase, you are automatically eligible for tax deduction under section 80c.


State Bank of India Life insurance policies are counted among top 10 life insurance companies in India. The much stable company has a considerable settlement ratio. It has unique multi distribution working strategy with international life insurance companies. the classy infrastructure and updated method of providing life insurance policy cover is a part of SBI Life Insurance policy.

the health wife medical insurance provides individual coverage policy. It also has schemes for preexisting diseases and facility of non-claim bonus. Just forget about uncertainty and live a stress free life by taking the best life insurance cover from Reliance Life Insurance.

the biggest Financial Institutions of India, ICICI has a tie up with more than 2700 hospitals to keep you protected against hefty Hospital bills and expensive medical treatments. You can purchase the medical health insurance from ICICI Lombard online and enjoy all the benefits effortlessly.

yet another firm that has its name and listed in top 10 Life Insurance companies of India is Tata AIA Life Insurance Company. Started in April 2001, the lifesaving when shall provide group plans, protection policies, saving plans and micro insurance plans. Which Supreme Quality Services and different types of insurance policies, there are seamless benefits of taking an insurance policy from Tata?

particularly or South Indian Company which provides best life Insurance has a huge turn over and global Positioning. Being more of contemporary in nature, the working is distributed to multichannel agencies. It has more than 35000 advisories attached with 200 companies all over the world.

you can take up the policies from Aviva India. Com. the private owned company has a joint venture with Dabur group and was founded back in July 2002. It’s a wide spectrum protection plan, child policy single premium plans and endowment plan. The company has been consolidating its distribution through web based product and health insurance plans. Promoted by Sachin Tendulkar, Aviva has Him as the brand ambassador since 2007.

the leading Life Insurance Company in India provide comprehension Term schemes. Founded in 2014 it to the Liberation of Insurance sector, it started with the operations in year 2001. It has its own center in Delhi and is ruled by analjit Singh as the founder.

yet another life insurance company of India that lets you take up an online policy simply on the basis of the entered details from Aadhar card number and online payment. It has lowest premium with a joint venture with Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Existing since 2008, 16 June, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company has more than 28 centers across the Indian subcontinent. It not only provides the best insurance policies to the individuals but also ensures that the funds are quickly relieved soon after the death claim.

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