Top 10 Best Nova Launcher Themes for Android [Latest 2018]


Best Nova Launcher Themes for Android – One of the main reasons why people go for the Android smart phone is that it supports lots of customizing options. And moreover, people care about its interface while they buy the smart devices. Best Nova Launcher With the massive development in the technology, there are different types of themes are available in smart phones.

Even there may be lots of theme launcher will be available on the Internet. But it is wiser to use the best theme launcher to make your smart phone more awesome.So for that, choosing the Nova theme launcher is the best decision to make your phone look great. People may ask why we should go for the Nova launcher prime apk

The reason is that it is so easy to use and will also let the user to change or to optimize the theme in any way as they want. One of the modifications is that by changing the icon of the app which will be available in the Nova app drawer.

Nova Launcher Themes

So Here are the Top 10 Latest Nova Launcher Themes 2018 for Android Versions

1. Polycon Theme and Icon Pack

Polycon theme and icon pack makes the user smart phone interface looks great with the icons looks as same in the stock android. With which the user can’t tell the difference between these icons and the icons those are in the stock android. This nova launcher theme Reddit enables on the user device and makes the device as user-friendly to use. One of the main things about this theme is that it supports many Android versions including Nova Launcher 2018.

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2. Mini Theme and icon pack


Mini Theme and icon pack can help people to save the large percentage of battery since it has only black and white colour theme pack. It is designed for those who do not want their mobile to be a fancy thing, can use these nova launcher anime themes. This theme contains only white icons whereas the background colour will be in black. This theme is available in the play store as nova launcher beta.

These theme icons are so simple and look nature which gives the perfect interface. Moreover who have the problem of eye vision can use this app since it uses only black and white in colour. It is free of cost to use and if the user wants they will be able to use colour backgrounds as well.

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3. Voxel Theme and Con Pack

Voxel theme and icon pack are designed to make our Smartphone look pretty like painted in white with coloured backgrounds. This theme helps in differentiating the app icons from the background. So it is suitable for the user if they have the background full of object images. It also supports pixel launcher.

It helps in defining the icons from the other so you don’t need to worry about the icons getting mixed with the background. This theme also provides icon and theme packs with the cool wallpapers which makes our phone look pretty, bright and colourful.

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4. Rondo Theme and Icon Pack

Rondo theme and icon pack theme is for those users who are most likely to be lovers of the colourful and vibrant display. When you install this theme, the home screen button will get displayed on the screen and all the app icons will change to a rounded shape.

The advantage of these rounded app icons is that you won’t be getting distracted by other icons enabling you to easily tap on the respective one. From Nova launcher prime apk you can download this theme package. In this theme, you can also get additional features and updates on your android devices.

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5. Moonshine Theme and Icon Pack

This theme packs supports over 900 icons which will vary depends on the screen resolution. It also supports muzei wallpaper pack which includes 28 homemade wallpapers. It has the great feature which the user can pick the particular icons as they like from a set of added icons.

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6. Gold Theme and Icon Pack

Almost all people like the gold colour because it resembles the goddess of Lakshmi and it gives the brightest and royal looks anywhere. This theme supports the gold icon which looks like your Smartphone is full of gold and thus gives the golden look. It supports over 500 icon golden icons and clouds beautiful wallpapers.

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7. Retro Theme and Icon Pack

This theme and icon pack includes more than 150 icons and covers almost all of the important apps which make them looks retro. Many people are there who are most fond of a retro theme; it is developed to satisfy the retro lovers with which the user can change the display of the smart devices whole as a retro.

This theme also includes Nova launcher pixel. This theme gets updated frequently so that the user will never get bored of this theme having the same wallpaper.

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8. Light Void Theme and Icon Pack

It is designed for those people who don’t like messy things on their device. The light void theme pack allows the user to look at their home screen look neat, simple and clean. These theme icons are white in colour, flat in shape and won’t appear as so vibrant.

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9. Cygnus Dark Theme And Icon Pack

Cygnus dark themes are flat in style and it includes over 800 icons with the pack. It gives the icon the tinted edge and soft shadow. It also supports Muzei and contains icon request tool with adding 8 zooper templates.

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10. Greyscale Theme and Icon Pack

It brings the smart screen the simplicity to look at. It gives the decent look to your smart phone with the shades of grey in app icons. This pack includes 12cloud based wallpapers with Muzei support and also include icon request tool

These theme and icons pack will be available in the Google play store. So try out these top 10 Nova launcher themes for Android that is specially created for you. If you have any doubts regarding themes, please comment in our official website.

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