If You Bored With iTunes Then The best option for iTunes 2017

Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is If You Bored With iTunes Then The best option for iTunes 2017. There are many positives to be the owner of iPad, iPhone or iPod, but there are some downsides for many people, fighting with iTunes is a major negative choice.Whether you are using iTunes to listen to music on your computer, or you are just using it to keep your music collection synchronized with your Apple device, there are so many free options to choose from.


Hears The Alternatives Of iTunes

Here we take a look at five such devices – and the good news is that most of them are completely independent. In some instances, you may have to pay to unlock some advanced features, but for the most part, they are completely freeIf you are tired of iTunes, read to see what other options are available.Organizing your music library with iTunes can be a nightmare, but with MusicB it is not easy. Metadata, album artwork, and additional artist information are all downloaded and imported automatically.

1. Music Bee

A feature-packed music player and manager – the best iTunes alternative.

First of all, MusicBee has an important warning: At the time of writing, it is available only for Windows Two versions. Regular desktop software and a portable app that does not have to be installed.


Music is more than just a music player; This provides you with changes to organize and manage your music collection. To begin this, it will import your existing iTunes Library, but you can also specify other folders to include. In the case of appearance, it is not completely different for iTunes, but in the case of screen layout and through the use of hides it is highly customizable. The sound level can be touched using the 15-band equalizer, and you can also synchronize your music with mobile devices.

MusicBee does a very good job in helping my own tagging files. Giving stunning support and pulling all useful data like album art and track songs, to keep my music collection. There is also a pleasant collection of add-ons to download from the MusicBee website to extend the programs. Capabilities along with additional audio tweaking options, network device support, and a huge visualization.

No matter how many devices you have, MediaMonkey will help you keep them all in sync.

Download Here

2. MediaMonkey

Keep even the biggest music libraries in check, and sync with all your devices like iTunes.

MediaMoki can be used as a complete replacement for iTunes; If you install iTunes, you can also use it to sync music to your iPod or iPhone (though it is never a reason to set a fire).


Like MusicBee, the program can be installed in a general way, or as a portable app if you want to move it from computer to computer with USB drive. The interface is not super-attractive, but when it comes to managing a large music library, the program does a great job. Tagging is handled well, and the sketchable, customizable interface will keep most people happy.

If you decide to upgrade and pay for the gold edition of MediaMonkey (£ 52.82, US $ 59.94, AU $ 85.04 for a lifetime license), you will get stunning. Automatic background library updates and other additional Features will benefit from better performance like auto-playlists.

For most people, however, the free version should be more than enough.

If you are looking for a device to copy music between your Apple device and PC, then Podtrans is a great choice. You will need a different player, but it is very useful.

Download Here

3. Podtrance

A streamlined, minimalist approach to music management for Apple devices without iTunes.

PodTrans have a very specific approach to replacing iTunes, and it does not do this by trying to replicate all the features of Apple’s software. Actually, everything is very less.

Pod trance

The Smooth Interface is focused on making it easy to copy music between your computer and your iPhone or iPod. It is available for both PC and Mac, and its goal is to make management every day as quick and easy as possible. It can not serve as a full iTunes replacement, but it definitely goes in some way and is worth exploring.

You may want to consider upgrading to Podtrans Pro (£ 27.99, $ 29.99, AU $ 42.35) or any trance (34.99 pounds, US $ 39.99, AU $ 56.47) because they have two-way synchronization of two-way fire More flexibility. In the case of synchronization allows. Phone management iTunes option but if you are just looking for the basics. There is nothing wrong with starting with the free version of Podtrans.

It can not look more like iTunes, but a great replacement thanks to its flexibility and support for extensions created by the foobar2000 user.

Download Here

4. Foober2000

Retro hides a powerful, adaptive music player and manager.

In this roundup, we have made a mistake, including the Forbes 2000, that we can be forgiven for thinking. This is never the most appealing or modern-looking program, but it seems that he can cheat. While the program may look like an explosion from the past, it is actually highly optimizable and extremely powerful.


It is fair to say that you want to start with a music player that looks original. Even has substantial basic functionality, but there are infinite add-ons available to meet your needs. Can go. You can use foobar2000 to extend your music library for CD music support. The range of supported playback formats is huge. There is also a version to support the iOS desktop software.

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For some people, though, foobar2000 will be very complex quickly. It can be confusing to work with many plugins, but if you are ready to join in the effort, the prize is very good.

Clementine is another great replacement for iTunes, it is available for all operating systems. And is an excellent choice for streaming music.

Download Here

5. Clementine Like iTunes

A music manager with advanced tagging and support for mobile devices.

Clementine (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux) is not a completely unique program when the music player.  Amaro has changed the direction, which many users have not appreciated, it was left empty.


It can not be the most attractive music player and manager (though the same charge can be imposed on iTunes), but it definitely works. With the ability to copy music to stunning, library management. Tag editing, music playback, and supported devices, it’s all that you want.

Clementine provides interesting information to you as you listen to your music collection, such as the lyrics of the current song. And the statistics about the final are tracks by other people at Last.fm. In addition to your locally stored music, you can also use Clementine in online radio stations. Listen to podcasts, and stream music to cloud storage.

Download Here

6. Amarok 2.9 Beta Release

August 16, 2015 – 08:20 – Amarok Team Best Option For iTunes.
Amarok team to 2 years of hard work the immediate availability of the results is proud to announce. Amarok 2.9 beta release. This release fixes almost all of Amarok features, improvements, and is marked by polishing. All of this beta release are encouraged to double-check the rock-solid so we can Amarok 2.9 final release. However, this version of our system has been thoroughly tested. We welcome your users the additional tests because we do not cover all possible use-cases can.

We help to fix these bugs to do so that we can release 2.9. The last Qt4 / KDE4.x be released based, as new work from port to. Amarok Q5 and is waiting in the wings in the plasma 5! In some areas, you should try to be renovated and the test should.A new collection version. Not to make a final hurdle in the reseller. Collection and Amarok Amarok 14, 2x Amarok, Clementine, bans, Ri Thabo KSA and new data synchronization between Apple iTunes. Analysts widget option in the new ASCII Analyst.

Download Here


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