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The special arrangement that lets you charge your phone irrespective of charging point availability is called a power bank. The device stores electric energy and allows you to withdraw it when you plug in the digital device and it. The capacity of each portable Power Banks deffers in accordance to the battery size and overall features. With a huge variety of power plants available in the market, you can buy a full on featured device that has a high battery backup along with affordability.

Why to Choose a Power Bank?

Power banks sets you free from the hassle of charging your phone at a particular duration. Once the Power Bank is charged, you can plug in your device anytime you feel like that. The solar powered Power Banks have time photovoltaic Panel embedded within . They don’t  not even require you to charge them .such devices automatically capture the sunlight and store electricity to charge your gadgets.

Power Bank

Here is The List of Best solar Power Bank in India

1. MI Power Bank 2i

the latest power banks comes from Xiaomi; the Apple of China. With 2000 MAH capacity, it is the first Power Banks from the company. With quick charge 3.0 single port Technology, you can charge your device immediately without thinking about anything else. Available at a price of INR 1999, you can order it with all the confidence.

Buy MI Power Bank 2i

2. Intex it – PB 16 k

– Imagine 16000 MAH battery power at a price of 1599. Isn’t it incredible? The Intex Power Banks comes with LED indicators that display the charging status along with the overall battery life. you can switch on to power saving mode so as to enhance the battery capacity. The dual USB port let u simultaneously charge 2 devices at the same time.

Buy Intex it – PB 16 k

3. Intex 11000 mah

with 11000 MAH battery capacity, the Intex power bank is winning the Race through incredible price listing. Available at a price of 999 and even blower at leading E-commerce website, you can plug your smartphone up to 4 times in it. Compatible with wide range of gadgets, the device has triple USB port and one year full warranty.

Buy Intex 11000 mah PB (Black)

Buy Intex 11000 mah PB (White)

4. Ambrane Power Bank

the highly versatile ambrane Power Bank supports fast charging and works like a typical fast charging device. However, the battery capacity and the price kept is slightly different. Which 10400 MAH battery power, you can by the device at a price of 899 from the online retailers.

Buy Ambrane PB

5. Honor

the smartphone manufacturer is also impressing the users by formulating powered charging gadget. The power bank of 13000 MAH capacity is worth purchasing at a price of 1299. The metallic and plastic combination give it a great look and Huawei provides it all the trustworthiness.

Buy Honor PB

6. Lenovo Power Bank

slightly bulky but very user friendly Power Bank allows you to use of your devices several times by charging this gadhet just once. The Power capacity is 13000 mah and the price that is 899 along with 1 year warranty during the time of purchase. Compatible with hoads of digital gadgets , Lenovo power bank has already been the best seller of the leading E-commerce website

Buy Lenovo PB

7. Pebble pb66

the beautiful power bank comes with amazing appearance and quick charging feature. Available at price of 1999 at Amazon, the battery capacity of the gadget is 20000 mah. It’s the latest entrant from the company that offers huge benefits to the users.

Voltage protection, circuit protection, current protection and over discharge protection feature powerbank is slightly heavier because of heavy battery power. Also, it has to ports that can be used to charge two smartphones at the same time.

Buy Pebble PB

8. Maxx 3000

the battery capacity of 3000 m a h would keep you satisfied . the small size of the device allows it to Comfortably fit in your pocket. It comprises of Samsung SDI cell . one time charge of the device lets you fill up the battery capacity of your smartphone upto 100% at least once. Order it today at a price of 455.

Buy Maxx 3000

9. MI Power Bank

yet another Power Bank from MI that comes with 20000 MAH battery capacity and price of 2199 is a quality gadget to buy. The philosophy of availing quality products at budgeted price is implied at powerbank production as well by the global producer. Xiaomi is sure to impress you because of enormous trustworthiness and affordability.


10. Corseca DMB2056

if you are slightly lazier to charge your gadget all smartphone, choose the power bank that have at least 20000 MAH battery power . amongst the list , we have theCorseca dmb2056 Power Bank available at a price of 3345.

The dual output port and elegant look deserves a green flag from you. Since the power bank is highly in demand, you need to order it right at the time it is stocked. It has been the best seller multiple times and therefore , its short on availability most of the time.

Buy Corseca DMB2056

Best Solar Powered Banks Available in India

1. Poweradd Apollo

with a battery capacity of 23000 MAH, the unbelievably featured Power Bank acts as a perfect gadget to charge your smartphone and laptop.

Buy Poweradd Apollo

2. Waaree solar power banks

best 10000 MAH battery capacity, Waaree is an Indian player Power Bank company. The Lithium polymer battery is charged through USB as well as sun rays. The tiny power bank and charge your smartphone upto 4 times.

Buy Waaree Solar PB 10000 mAh

3. Goal zero guide

the adventurous kid is available in several countries. when it comes to buying the best solar powered power bank, goal zero should be the first choice for you. The set of rechargeable battery is easy to assemble and use.

Buy Goal zero guide

4. Anker 8 w

having a solar powered power band is highly magnanimous. And when you have something that has a charging rate of 1 amp under direct sunlight, it’s amazing. Order the anker 8 Power Bank today and get free from the hassle of pluging in your smartphone throughout night.

Buy Anker 8 w

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