Best Smartphone’s Fewer Than 20,000 Rs in India March 2017


Hey there welcome Mirchitech. And here i want to Best Smartphone fewer than 20,000 Rs in India March 2017. This list contains the best mobile fewer than 20,000 Rs which offer the best overall performance in a very competitive price. The two main features which were made available in Best Smartphone under 20,000 support for 720p displays and. We have taken all these attributes and more in making this list for the best phones under Rs 20,000.

Mirchitech have always got requests from our readers to suggest a best pick in this price bracket. We do understand that it is very difficult to select that one Best Smartphone when you have these many options in front of you

Best Smartphone

This budget can get you features like 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, Snapdragon 820 processor and more. No, they won’t lag, hang or freeze up on you with those specs and will let you play the latest games at max settings without trouble, click great selfies and what not. Hopefully, most of them should get update to Android 7.0. Also, read more about the camera specifications for these phones at the bottom of the post.

Best Smartphone Fewer Than 20,000 Rs

01. Nubia Z11 Mini

Nubia z11If your budget is limited to 20K, the best Smartphone to buy is the Nubia Z11 Mini. It is not a particularly fast Smartphone. but the 16MP rear camera on this device is simply superb. It takes really good images in all lighting conditions and also offers a very well integrated manual mode. The phone is also one of the most ergonomic devices in the sub 15K category. offering a beautiful 5-inch 1080p display.

02. Honor 6X

Honor 6xThe Honor 6X may have dual camera, but it still stands next in line to the Nubia Z11 Mini as far as camera performance is concerned. The phone takes really good images in ample lighting conditions and also offers a nice ‘Bokeh’ mode for those portrait and macro shots. The overall performance of the phone however, is a little sluggish. Still, it won’t disappoint if you are a light Smartphone user.

03. Coolpad Cool 1

 Cool pad Cool 1If you want a dual camera phone. which won’t lag while gaming, the Cool pad Cool 1 is the one to go for. This budget segment Smartphone is a improved version of the olf Le Eco Le 2 Smartphone. It features a good display, has ample RAM and storage and is the fastest phone after the Lenovo Z2 Plus in the sub-20K category. The dual camera phone also takes some really good pictures and lags just behind the Honor 6X in terms of camera quality.

04. LeEco Le Max 2

LeEco Le Max 2The LeEco Le Max with its 21MP rear camera is able to offer better image quality than the much popular Xiaomi Mi5. It is using the same Sony IMX230 sensor used by the Moto X Play with the same f/2.0 aperture. With that you get OIS (optical image stabilization) as well. The image quality is quite good in all lighting conditions and the performance of the phone is quite good as well, thanks to the Snapdragon 820.

05. Lenovo Z2 Plus

The Z2 Plus is the latest entry in this list and has a lot to offer. The 13 MP rear cameras on the phone using a Samsung ISOCELL sensor take good images in normal light conditions. Images showcase good dynamic range, colour reproduction with a slightly aggressive sharpening. Low light images come out quite good as well but not the best. Besides that, it is the only phones besides the LeMax 2 to offer a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

06. Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 PlusThe latest Moto G brings an all new 16MP camera to the table, which is easily one of the better cameras in its price category. The rear camera is aided by a dual LED flash and laser autofocus. Images are better detailed and colors look crisp and reasonably true-to-source. Low light images come out a little brighter as the software cranks up the ISO, without losing any detail.

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