Best Songs Lyrics Android App List 2018 | All Language Mp3 Songs Lyrics App

Nowadays searching for songs with lyrics is one of the tough jobs. As the technology gets developed extraordinarily, one can able to find new songs lyrics 2017, 2018 apps which are very effective in providing a huge collection of best songs for the song lovers in all languages.

All you need to have is a smart device (android mobile) where you can able to download and install those apps. After installing those apps, you can register in it and you can find enormous bollywood songs lyrics for whatsapp status. Here in this article, you can find Best Songs Lyrics Android App List 2018 which will be as follows.

Songs Lyrics Android App

Best Songs Lyrics Android App List 2018

  • Lyricsmint: Hindi Songs Lyrics

It will act as the best android app in the year of 2018, which will suggest you a vast collection of Hindi songs lyrics regularly for the song lovers. This app will also keep on update and will also provide the best old hindi song lyrics for their users.

It will also ask to update the app regularly in order to get the exactly suitable song lyrics that you want to listen at that moment. If your network is very fast, it will also not even take buffering time; straightly provide the song for you.

Lyricsmint: Hindi Songs Lyrics
Lyricsmint: Hindi Songs Lyrics
  • Musixmatch – Lyrics for Your Music

The musixmatch lyrics app is one of the most effective song lyrics android apps. By making use of this, you will get an enormous number of lyrical songs from top sites like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, SoundCloud and much more websites.

Apart from a particular language from a movie, you can also use this app for downloading lyrical songs and new songs lyrics 2016 from all kind of languages. It is sure that, if you are looking for good song lyrics, then you can make use of this app.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music
  • Hindi Songs Lyrics

Are you looking for best romantic bollywood songs lyrics? As the name suggests, you can able to find this app is the best option for you. This app is one of the perfect apps for the Hindi song lovers who are in need to listen to all genre songs in the Hindi language.

Here, the song lovers can find the huge number of features, which will help them to download best songs. Through offline mode also, this film lyrics hindi app will work.

Hindi Songs Lyrics
Hindi Songs Lyrics
  • Genius — Song Lyrics & More

If you want to have an interest in hearing mp3 songs lyrics, then this app is the right choice for you. In this app, they will join you in the group where song editors and some other song lovers will be there.

You can ask directly to them, which lyrical song you are in need of and also in all type of languages. Sure you will get the best result with huge collections songs from many professional lyrics website.

  • Love Lyrics – All Songs Lyrics

Love Lyrics app is a very good lyrics hindi songs free download android app. If you are a Bollywood freak and getting crazy about Bollywood songs but not able to understand the lyrics, then you can make use of this app.

You can count on this app and it will offer you the official Bollywood song lyrics from many professional websites. It is also noted that they are having contact with top websites and will share you best lyrical songs.

  • English Songs Lyrics

English songs lyrics is one step closer to all above-mentioned apps since it will collect effective download lyrics of english songs from those apps and will clearly provide you the lyrics.

Not only it will provide you the lyrics of the song, they will also go for a deep search on their own way and will offer best hindi songs lyrics in english in all genres for the users. Here, you can find latest song lyrics at the top, by going for a deep search, you can proceed further.

English songs lyrics
English songs lyrics
Developer: ThiemNN
Price: Free
  • Justin Bieber Lyrics All Songs

Are you a crazy fan of Justin Bieber and want to hear all his albums along with lyrics? Then you can make use of this app. You must know one thing, before using this top free song lyrics app.

This app is not legally owned by Justin Bieber. But you can completely trust this app and sure you get the all albums of Justin Bieber along with lyrics so that you can hum while you are in travel or anywhere.

Justin Bieber Lyrics All Songs
Justin Bieber Lyrics All Songs
Developer: Qzoke
Price: Free
  • Tamil Song Lyrics

This Tamil song lyrics app download will suggest all type of Tamil language songs from all kind of genres along with its lyrics in English or Tamil. It is also noted that, apart from Tamilnadu, this Tamil Song Lyrics app is used by almost all kind of android users, who loves Kollywood songs. People of Tamilnadu, who are staying in abroad, then this Kollywood film lyrics app is suitable for them to download song lyrics in the Tamil language. This also is also having a powerful interface to provide effective user-friendly experience.

Tamil Song Lyrics
Tamil Song Lyrics
Developer: Tamil Song Lyrics
Price: Free
  • Telugu Songs Lyrics App: Tollywood Lyrics

This lyrics downloader app is suitable for the Telugu song lovers whose main motive is to hear best Telugu song along with the lyrics. In this Telugu Songs Lyrics App, already this app used user or currently this app using the user will reveal their experience and also give some information about comfortability to use this Tollywood song download app. Through that, one can able take a clear decision and then can proceed further.

  • Malayalam song lyrics

Malayalam song lyrics app is basically having the biggest network where you can able to share and find best song lyrics in Malayalam. One can able to download all type of lyrics of new songs in the Malayalam language in an effective manner.

Malayalam song lyrics
Malayalam song lyrics
  • Kannada Songs Lyrics – Movies – Songs – Lyrics

In this modern day, Kannada Songs Lyrics android app is also getting perfect hype and response from huge number song lovers. As this music lyrics app is having contact with many professional websites, you can download all type of Kannada lyrical songs.

The above-mentioned apps are Best Songs Lyrics Android App List 2018; just make use of it and download your favorite one.


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