Best UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments – How to Use UPI Apps


At present, UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is one of the best and easiest ways to make digital payments. In the ground, plenty of UPI payment apps are available so that choose the right one according to your needs. Do you wish to access UPI app but do not know how to use it? Are you looking for the top five UPI apps in India? Well, you have landed at the right place. Here, you will avail all the details about UPI apps.

How to use UPI Apps

Since there are plenty of UPI apps available on the ground, which offered by banks and trusted a third party, people are not still fully aware of how to use UPI apps. This article helps you how to make payment using those UPI apps in a trouble-free manner.

Best UPI Apps

UPI and Mobile Apps

NPCI developed the UPI payment system and it is a government-backed organization working to ease the payment system in India. This payment system facilitates instant fund transfer among all the bank accounts of India.

Actually, it is a mobile-based payment system and accesses your mobile number for authentication. You can able to use this payment system only when you have linked your mobile number with the bank account.

Users need a mobile app to use UPI-based payment system because this app communicates with the UPI system and then transfer the fund. To keep the whole system secure and safe, bank plays the intermediary role in transferring the fund.

This is why each UPI app should be sponsored by the bank. If your bank is the participant of UPI, then they have made their own UPI payment app. For example, Baroda Pay, SPI pay, and so on. At the same times, the bank may also sponsor some other company apps such as SBI and ICICI sponsor Tez.

One-Time Steps to Use UPI App

All the UPI-based payment apps follow same payment procedure and onboarding. Therefore, no matter, whether it is a Tez, SBI pay, or other UPI app, the method of fund transfer would be same. Once you have downloaded UPI app, you need to perform one-time steps to use the app further. After completing these steps, you can request and send money via your mobile app. the following mentioned are those one-time steps.

Verify your Mobile Number

As mentioned already, UPI app works based on your mobile number. Therefore, you should verify your mobile number. Before the verification, ensure your phone number is linked to the bank account.  Now, the app finds your phone number by sending an SMS from your mobile number.  If you have two SIM in your mobile, choose the number that is registered with the bank.


UPI system offers the facility of sending money to any bank account without knowing the bank account number. In fact, it happens due to the UPI ID or VPA (virtual payment address). While sending money, you can use VPA instead of the bank account. To start using the UPI app, you need to make the VPA like an email address (e.g. xyz@sbi). Some apps can make VPA using your phone number automatically.

Link Bank Account

Linking the UPI app to your bank account is essential to use the app because fund transfer made through the bank accounts. Luckily, UPI app discovers your bank account number with the help of mobile number. However, you should tell the bank name and link one bank account at a time. You can switch your account immediately whenever you need.


For secure fund transfer, UPI PIN is required. You will able to send money to someone after only entering UPI PIN. It is a four-digit number like ATM PIN but you need to set it separately. From the app, you can set the PIN but you should have your ATM card to do it.

Uses of UPI App

When you complete one-time steps properly, you will easily transfer funds through UPI app. With this app, you are not only sending and receiving money easily but also check your account balance.  Here are the uses of the UPI payment app.

Send Money – The app offers several options to send money such as bank account number, mobile number, QR code, and VPA.  To send money, enter VPA/bank account number/VPA and then enter the amount. Submit the UPI PIN and then confirm payment.

Request Money – It also offers you unique feature of requesting money. It works for both payer and payee use UPI app. The whole process is similar to the send money. To request money, enter payer contact number or VPA and the amount. If the payer accepts the payment, you need to enter UPI PIN to confirm fund transfer.

Check balance – To check balance, you need to go to your listed bank account and find the link to your bank account in the app dashboard.

Best 5 UPI Apps in India for Digital Payments

Below-mentioned apps are the most popular UPI apps in India used for digital payment.


BHIM UPI app is the first UPI app in the list, which is developed by NPCI. It is the fastest and simplest UPI app available in the play store so far. Within a single click, you can use each of its services. Additionally, it has all sorts of UPI features such as requesting and sending money, checking balance, setting UPI PIN, etc. UPI has included account number method and IFSC with its latest update

2. PhonePe App

PhonePe is another feature-rich UPI payment app, which is second fastest grown app after BHIM app. It is not only a UPI app but also the mobile wallet. This app has all kinds of mobile wallet and UPI features.  Since all apps are meant to send fund only, PhonePe has the capability of paying bills and recharging using UPI. It is available in eight languages and works on the slow network as well.

PhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge
PhonePe UPI, Payment, Recharge
Developer: PhonePe
Price: Free

3. Google Tez App

Tez app is the late entrant in the list but remains third because of its reward program. The app interface is very simple than BHIM app. This app is powered with four big banks so that you can access any one of the banks for back-end transaction. With the cash mode feature, you can easily send money to the person who is available nearby.

Google Pay: Save and Pay
Google Pay: Save and Pay
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. PaytM App

Recently, Paytm introcued their UPI feature on both payment wallet and bank. When you sign up for Paytm payment bank, you will get full access to receive and send money using UPI ID. Like Tez, it is partnered with ICICI and IndusInd Bank.

5. Chillr App

This app is a one-stop solution for all your mobile banking and payment needs.  This multi-bank payment app works with 52banks such as ICICI, HDFC, SBI, etc. With this, you can make an instant money transfer, simple utility bill payment, and fast recharge from your bank account directly.

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