How to Block Phone Number on Android [With App + Manual Method]


Are you looking for a perfect solution for “How to Block Phone Number on Android” that’s great because we are going to cover this topic with the easiest way today with all Android users?

How to Block Phone Number on Android

Block Phone Number on Android

These days we all have faced so hectic life and in between this some foolish people annoying us for no reason and it is highly recommend to remove them from the life so we can feel relax while working and can focus on our work with more efficiently.

At the same time, it is very easy now to keep in touch with friends and family but accept them, we met so many people in daily life but not all of them are our loved once.

Some people call us for their benefits like spam calls, annoying unknown person, telemarketers and some unwanted calls which we never wanted to attend ever, at least I am not.

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Android comes with built-in call blocking features and you can block anyone’s number. But this option is not that much visible in the settings and you can’t find the blocking setting in the software skin or you can say your app tray.

This is why people need a simple to follow the procedure for their specific devices like call blocking on Samsung S8 and queries like this.

How to Block Phone Numbers on Stock Android Phones

Well, people think that this is not an easy task and they need a detailed guide to do this but you will glad to know that blocking numbers is so simple and quick. There are two simple ways to do this.

  1. Open call or recent call section, LONG PRESS on the number you want to block and choose “Block Number” option and tap YES.
  2. Open call app and tap on three dots menu icon on the top right corner and choose “Settings” and just tap on “Call Blocking” and choose multiple numbers to block.

How to Block Calls on Samsung Phones?

Who doesn’t love Samsung High End and Mid-range phones I guess we all, and we have some special people called spammer who never want us to live our life without them so how to get rid out of them? Well, it is very easy for Samsung users.

Let’s show you exact process:

  1. Open Calling App.
  2. Choose which contact you want to “Block” and tap on MORE on the top right corner.
  3. Find “Add to Auto-Reject List” and Select it.
  4. To remove any number from this auto reject call list, just go to Settings > Call Settings > Auto Reject.

Which Third-Party App is Best for Block Calls?

If you’re one of those Android owners who doesn’t have a built-in blocking feature you must have one best app for blocking calls on android and this is why today we are going to share with you Best third party apps which are available on Google Play Store.

We have listed them below with quick intro of those apps one by one so you can choose best one for you.

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#1. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a free android app which comes with ads-free UI that allows you to block any unwanted person contact number as well as text messages. It will save your smartphone from spam so must have an app on your Android.

How to use Mr. Number?

  1. Download and Install Mr. Number on your phone.
  2. Verify your country and code, as well as provide your official number and tap OK.
  3. To block numbers, Tap on “NO” at the top right and access block list, the first time it will be empty which you need to fill out with annoying people contacts.

#2. Call Blocker

As you already understand with the name it blocked all unwanted calls automatically actually it is very handy app to block calls. So Call blocker is must have app for keeping your mind FRESH from annoying calls.

You can use Paid version too so enjoy the ads-free feature and lots of premium features including private space section where you can save your private SMS and call logs and much more.

How to use Call Blocker?

  1. Download and Install Call Blocker App.
  2. Open it and tap on Blocked Calls button.
  3. Tap on Add button.
  4. The Blacklist and Whitelist section will appear and you can add numbers which can not call you in future.


In this post, we try to help you out to get rid out of annoying people calls and text messages and we hope you understand how to block a phone number on Android smartphones.

If you like this video then don’t forget to share this with your friend and family so they can also grab some knowledge how they can block calls and text so they can live a free life from annoying marketing calls.

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