How to cancel Spotify Premium / Cancel Spotify Subscription Android, iOS Devices and PC


How to Cancel Spotify Premium – The giant music library on Spotify makes it a worthwhile application to be purchased. With a more than 40 million songs, Spotify premium has all the ability to satisfy the users at its best.

Spotify app is an ad free source of listening millions of songs for free. However, if you enroll yourself for Spotify premium, the payment of $ 9.99 on monthly basis is expected to be paid from you. So forget about purchasing costly Cds and storing them in your home. Just download the free Spotify premium version and enjoy the latest songs at a single click.

No matter whether you are travelling somewhere or simply having leisure time at home. The Spotify premium app would let you enjoy your favorite music tracks on your tablet, laptop, computer, and mobile phone. Build your own personal playlist and club the desired kind of music you want in it.

Cancel Spotify Premium

The best part is that you can avail Spotify free without any payment at all. Shuffling of playlist, searching of different songs and enjoying the latest hits is all available in the amazing application called spotify premium.

The played songs can be conveniently saved in your devices if you are a premium member of the application. It’s quite easy to install spotify app has no special talent or tactics are required.

How to install Spotify App?

Spotify Android application can be downloaded from-

  • CNET
  • Softonic
  • Google Play Store
  • Spotify website
  • Tom’s guide

Download Official website

Search for Cancel Spotify Premium and download it right away in your device. Do not forget to click unknown resources in your Android device for the application to get successfully available on your smartphone.

How to resolve Spotify Premium Apk issue?

The users can commonly encounter problems in the application. They might face random black screen, crashes, track degradation, and playlist no longer available. Maximum of the time, Spotify not working issues can be resolved by simply rebooting your phone. Alternatively, if the problem does not get solved, the best is to uninstall the application and download it once again.

Can you transfer Spotify songs in laptop?

Yes you can transfer spotify app songs and your computer by synchronizing third party application with your computer. Import the audio and video files through the tool so that you can enjoy the best songs without paying a dime.

How to cancel Spotify premium on browser?

If you are tired of managing the application in your mobile phone, cancelling Spotify premium family can help you to get some personal time for yourself. Once you deactivate your account, you can always come back to it and login back to enjoy the save playlist once again.

Spotify premium student may not be affordable. Therefore, it is best to access the free version after you delete Spotify account.

  • Visit official Spotify website through your device
  • Login credentials
  • Click on the username
  • Choose account from the dropdown menu
  • Press on subscription
  • Choose cancel subscription
  • State of element reason for initiating Spotify cancel
  • Press continue
  • Press cancel my subscription
  • Enter your password
  • Access spotify premium code in case you have forgotten your password
  • Find Ali click on Spotify cancel

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on iOS device?

The best way to cancel Spotify in an IOS device is through iTunes/ app store.

  • Launch settings in your iPhone device
  • Top up on Apple ID
  • Choose the button label subscription
  • Press Spotify cancel subscription

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on Web?

  • Visit Spotify subscription web page/ Spotify.Com/account – subscription in your web browser
  • Visit subscription / payment and click cancel subscription
  • Select the reason of cancellation
  • Click continue

Cancel Spotify

It should be noted that if Spotify premium has been subscribed by a third party source, you need to contact with the company to initiate Spotify cancel. If you are still being charged for the Spotify subscription, sign in once again and upgrade Spotify on the landing page.

Soon after spotify premium subscription is cancelled; you will receive a notification on the registered email of your device.

How to delete Spotify through Wi-Fi network?

You will have to manage the payments if Spotify Premium apk has not been successfully cancelled.

If you are being constantly charged for Spotify Premium apk, the best is to login the credentials and check under the subscription head who is managing the payments. Contact them directly for cancelling your Cancel Spotify Premium account.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Account on Android Devices?

Without any hard feelings or regret in mind, you can cancel your spotify premium subscription and just simple steps.

Method 1 – if spotify has been subscribe to through Spotify app.

Login Spotify page – subscription – change / cancel – cancel premium – yes

Method 2 – Spotify subscribed through another company

Login account page – subscription located on the left hand menu -contact the company for billing details and cancellation

Final words

$ 9.99 per month is the answer for how much is Spotify premium charges. There is no doubt about the fact that Spotify is an ostentatious application. Just long press on the desired music track while the old track is playing and you can listen the new track away. So if you are in the middle of a new song and place to explore more, just press long and you will know which the other song all about is. Lift your finger and the old song will once again resume.

Apache making you hear the premium songs, Spotify application but also give you all the information about The Artist and album. The trouble that button located at the right hand corner of the application would convey all the detail to you at a single tap. So don’t stay reluctant when it comes to marriage in such a fool proof music application. At least try it once and if you don’t like initiate Spotify cancel that’s it.

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