How to Care Your Android Phone on This Holi

Hey there welcome to our blog. And here i want to share how to care your android phone on this holi if you are worry about your phone the read this  post carefully. In my prevous article i shared, How to Use Windows 10 Operating System And Information, Features, About and windows 10 is the best system. Because today peoples are using windows 10. Windows 10 is totally automatic system and better than windows 8.


Anyway here it is beter information about about your andorid phone. If you need to save your phone then you need to should care it. So here are some tips to cre your andorid smart phone. Today 90% youngsters are using adorid smart phone so i hope thi infromation will be useful for you so keep your mind here and read it carefully.

how to care your android phone on this holi


tips to care your phone from water and color on this holi

i know you are bussy in your prapring for holi festival but you know with technology your probelms are also increasing and today we want to share something about this information. And that is how to save your android smart phone from colors and waters. so it is also big problem because evry smart phone is above four thousand rupees. So you need to care it.

I know you are preparing for holi festival and you are worry about your self. Anyway if you want to care your phone then you need to follow this steps.

First you need to read this so first use screen guard you should buy cheapest screen guard for your phone. So cover it for save your screen. Use bluetooth device for care your mobile. And you know bluetooth is waterproof device and headphone is also you need to sue it similar. These two things you need to use.

You need to also use balllon for rubbor coating. Yes it is true just add air in ballon by your mouth. Then you need to enter your phone in it and out some air from baloon. Then you know your phone will get high security. You can also use waterproof bag.

You knwo about jip pouch it is also best item to care your smart phone. It is one type of water proof. So you can also use it.

So after you are trying these all ways and then still your mobile thrown in water then remove your phone battery and then make it in sun area. So you can easily repair your phone otherwise you can loss your display and touchpad so don’t forget it.

SO FRIENDS These are the tricks of save your android smart phone from this holi festival. So you should follow it for Save your phone.

You can also buy cover of your mobile phone. So be safe and happy holi in advance. So try all tricks that i suggested above. So first prepare fro your mobile an andorid smart phone then prepare for holi becaus ryour smart phone is also most important so don’t forget it.

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friends here i covered the topic of how to care your android phone on this holi and i hope you read that post. Send us message if you have any question. Keep in your mind please write the detail of your question enter your full name and email address then send it to us  then we will reply you soon. Share this article on social media you can use facebook , whatsappp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium   , tumlr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers. Keep visitng and keep reading have a wonderful day. Good bye.


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