CCNA Security 210-260 Certification Exam Overview


CCNA Security 210-260 – Undoubtedly, it is no less than a challenge to make the IT career in security. It requires the fundamental knowledge and experience in this field, as well as an IT credential that validates the candidate’s ability to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats to networks.

Moreover, job titles associated with security are in high demand now. Many organizations are well-aware of the increasing needs of top-notch people, and in the process of hiring, they choose the security certified specialists when it comes to screening candidates.

CCNA Security 210-260 Certification Exam

Tips and Tricks

First of all, it is important to learn that the CCNA Security certification is the rightly vendor-based and specific kind of focused security credential which is focused on the Cisco network security issues and infrastructure. The CCNA Security 210-260 dumps are available on and it is also one of the approved certificates which is used for both Level I and Level II DOD and IAT baselines, and many other vendors which even weigh more with the private employees than compared to both the Security+ and SSCPcerts.

Important Note: The most important idea to keep in mind is that the CCNA Security, however, tends to be a way better door opener as compared to the Security+ or SSCP credentials.

For that purpose, in order to become CCNA Security Certified, the individual must have the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching, CCENT or the respective CCIE certifications as a prerequisite, and then one should pass a 90 minutes’ exam which includes 60-70 questions.

What DoesCandidates’ Personal Experience Say?

Through research, it has been found that many people have successfully passed the CCNA Security examwith study only for 3 months, and via athorough test preparation. For the most part of their time, the candidates worked on configuring the CCP on VMware or the GNS3 along with ASA 5505. Some of the major prominent common resources that they have used in common include:

  • GNS3
  • OCG
  • CCNA Security Foundation Learning Guide
  • CCNA Security Lab Manual Version 1.1
  • Keith Barker Videos
  • Chris Bryant videos
  • YouTube channel for extra videos and help
  • Discussion Forums

Key Concepts to Learn

There are some key concepts which the candidatesshould keep in their mind when they are preparing for the exam. For instance, the exam measures the secure system learners’ in-depth learning and understanding of many central security ideas, firewalls, VPN encryption, interruption anticipation and email content security. It also includes the subjects like web and email content security along with the ideas related to the endpoint security utilizing the following:

  • technology of ISE (Identity Services Engine)
  • 1 x Authentication
  • SIEM Technology
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
  • Cloud and Virtual Network Topologies
  • Bring Your Device BYOD

Best Study Resources to Consult

Today, when the global compactness is increasing, all the preparatory steps for certifications are almost done online. Although the manual books really have their own particular significance yet,but the online media available today has indeed minimized the manual stuff causes. Today, the candidates can facilitate working with all the online guidelines,as well as certain exam tests are also available to make the practice an effective carryout phase for the interested candidates.

The various online sources that a candidate can follow in order to keep the right track for a certification preparation include:

1.Self-study consultancy sources: There are several Cisco authorized resources that a candidate can personally follow in order to maintain a winning position in the certification test. Some thisresources are:

  • IINStraining that is to Implement Cisco Network Security
  • Self-study material available online by Cisco
  • Security practice exams published by Cisco

Other network related resources to consult include:

  • The security syllabus of CCNA Security
  • The study groups created by CCNA Security 210-260 communities to facilitate all professional queries and concerns
  • There are certain blogs managed by professionals to help each other regarding test preparation concerns. These blogs are really helpful to ask questions and get valuable information for the candidates’problems. Professionals from all over the world share their experiences, and every newbie at any certification level can find an answer to any question they have via these certification blogs.

Here is another valuable resource fora successful candidates’ exam preparation. PrepAway is a website where an individual can find not only certification and exam overviews, video training courses, and exam dumps, but also Exam Testing Engine – a test simulator for a dynamic and efficient exam preparation.

Re-certification Details

The CCNA Security 210-260 certification is mainly valid for three years. If a candidate is willing to recertify, he/she needs to pass the following certification exams before their actual expiry dates:

  • Passing any of the CCNA R&S tests (200-125 or 200-105, except for 100-105)
  • Passing any current 642-XXXX or 300-XXX professional level exams
  • Passing any of the CCIE written exam
  • Passing any of the CCDE written exam
  • Passing the CCAr interview and the CCAr review

In order to perform the recertification, the extension for higher certification level is done with the extension timeline for others. Thus, a candidate should clear another higher level certification to extend the validity of his/her certifications.

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