How to Check Details of Any Computer And Laptop


Hello there and welcome to our blog. HeRE I WANT TO share how to check details of any computer and laptopand if you want to understand this post then you need to keep your mind here. In my previous article I shared How to Increase Internal Memory of Any Android Phone so visit there and read it because it is more important for you. Today every people have mobile phone and 70% people have android smart phone. So when you buy new smart phone then you was see that Samsung, xolo and other smart phones have a low phone memory card. So when you see that low phone memory then it I very bad and it will hang.


By the way here I want to share that how to check details of any computer and laptop or desktop I mean windows system. So here you will see that detailed information about it.So when you want to go to buy any laptop or computer then you should need to check this article. How to check hard drive , processor , drivers , ram and much more.

how to check details of any computer and laptop


tips to check details of any desktop before buy

when you will go to the shop to buy computer then you can go with any computer expert but you should try to know about system. So then you can decide what to buy and what will not buy. So it is most important information. so when you check then you need to check. anyway read this stuff because I have shared step by step information below:

step 1 :  – first press ctrl + R and then there will appear command run s then you need to type DXDIag and then click enter button or ok.

Step 2 : – so when you click enter then you can see the details of computer. So if you want ot check sound system dvd system and driver then you can also use this.If you wan tto check the system detail then you need to also do same process.

So friends this is the information about checking the details and system information of any computer or desktop or laptop check there processor , ram , hard drive , display and graphics card. Always buy more than 1 gb ram computer and minimum 200 gb hard disk is required. Also always buy that computer which have more than 2.00 GHZ. Buy new processor like i5.  And also check mouse, led or lcd and keyboard also take a dvd of formatting the windows.

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so dear respected readers here  I shared how to check details of any computer and laptop and I hope after you read this post you will be careful from become  victim of any shop  owner and company. Send us to message if you have any question and want to  solution of your problem. Just go to the contact us and fill the form enter your full name and email address.

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