How to Check That Who Seen Our Messages in Whatsapp Group


Hello there and welcome to mirchitech and today I have something special for you. Today I want to share how to check that who seen our messages in whatsapp group and if you understand it better then keep your mind here. In my previous article I shared How to Get Deleted Files Again in Android Smart Phone and I hope you read that post if you do not read that post then first you need to read it first because I have covered many topics that will help you to recover deleted files so must Read it.


Anyway in this post I also cover topic like that post so come on below and then read it because this is also important if you are whatsapp users. Whatsapp is the very popular social media and whatsapp day by day change it’s feature.  Recently whatsapp updated status feature and this is the biggest update of whatsapp. By the way here covered that how to check who have read our messages so you should read this post.

how to check that who seen our messages in whatsapp group  ­­­­­­


Trick to check who read our messages

You know when you send message in your group then there are many members are available and who check your message ad who not that is the most important for you. So by this trick you can check it easily.  Anyway here I shared step by step tutorial.

Step 1 : – first open your whtsapp account.

Step 2 : – then open any whatsapp chat group then send a message to your group contacts.

Step 3 : – then you can see the tick of every members.

Step 4 : –  now press your message with figure.

Step 5 : – now you can see many symbols above and also you can see the symbol between star and delete the goal button.  Touch on it.

Step 6 : – now you can see two options one is a read and other is a delivered. And read option tells you that all members are read your message. And delievered means your message was sent but that contacts not seen your message yet.

Step 7 : – but when they open whatsapp then they will check the notification and read your message.

You can also use this trick in any chat messages. You know whatsapp updated recently and status feature updated and this is the biggest changes of whatsapp but you know this trick still working fine in new updated whatsapp application but status feature totally changed so this is only works in chat and groups messages.

So friends this is the simple trick to use seen message feature. Here you can know that whose checked your message and whose not.  So this is the information about whastapp messages trick. Keep visiting to how to section for more posts like this.

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Final words

so friends here I shared how to check that who seen our messages in whatsapp group and you enjoyed that if you have any question then you can send message to us and if you want to send message then go to the contact us form and  enter your full name and email address and then type your message in detail type your question in detail then send it to us we will reply you soon it will take some time.

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