How to Manage or Delete Browsing Data from Microsoft Edge?


[kkstarratings] Microsoft Edge Browser is basically a Browser for Windows stores a significant number of data components on your device’s hard drive, that password which user is using daily to acquire his/her email, banking sites, vary from the recording of the website which user have formerly visited, etc.

Moreover, it means that it records all the things which the user used locally by most browsers, Edge basically maintains other items also which is related to the session and liking of the user, let’s take an example.

A list of a website on which users permit to pop-up windows moreover Digital Rights Management (DRM) data which lets you access few types of streaming content on the web.

There are few browsing data components which are sent to Microsoft’s servers and then it stored in the cloud, with the help of the browser as well as by Cortana.

While these both components provide their own benefits in term of convincing and enhance browsing experience, they can also be potentially careful when it comes to their privacy and security.

More especially, if a user uses the Edge browser on a personal computer that is for sometimes shared by others.

How to Manage or Delete Browsing Data from Microsoft Edge?

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RECOGNIZE Microsoft provides the opportunity to both manage and delete a particular data, by using the option of selector all at once and delete or remove that part from your browser.

But, in advance, a user has a clear understanding of what each private data component is made up of and it is really important to check before modifying and deleting a particular data.

There are some STEPS which is to follow the users it is elaborate give below:

Firstly, you have to Open Your Edge browser then Click on the more action menu represented by 3 horizontal lines which are located in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window.

Select the option “SETTINGS” and it will be displayed and laminated your browser window. Now click on the choose what to clear button and located in the clear browsing data section.

Now browsing data of Edge is clear on the displayed. To nominate a particular data component to be eliminated, locate a checkmark next to its name by clicking on its accompanying check box once and vice versa

Firstly, a user has to review the details of each particular data before he/she choose which data should be removed from the list.  Review of details is as follows:

  • Browsing history: Every time when a user visits a Web page, Edge stores its name and URL on user’s hard drive. It doesn’t happen in Private Browsing when it is active.
  • Download history: Additionally, maintain a local record of the websites which a user visited, Edge as well as record all the information about each and every file which is downloading with the help of the browser. After the download, it includes the filename and URL where the downloaded file originated.
  • Form Data: It is basically a data which is filled in a form whether it is on online shopping, filling up a survey, sign up for any service or other activities which have to fill the personal information. There is one thing which is very certain and that is – a user has to type some of the common information, such as address, phone number and etc which is used over and over again. To remove some of this dullness, Edge saved this data and promoted whenever it is pre-populated by a web form.
  • Cookies– cookies are the kind of small text files which can contain login details, sign up details, the requirement of specific data and another kind of information that websites utilize to customize your personal browsing experience on few visits. In addition to cookies, this is a category to contain other web storage components including HTML%- enabled applications cache.
  • Password– Username and password are commonly use on every website these days. Remembering all these bona fides can solve trickily, and typing them over and over again it can be exhausting. Similarly, which is happening in form data it is also used as same as in password. Edge gives an opportunity to the user to save the password and then later pre-populate your most frequently used login names and passwords.

To view the remainder of the browsing data components that Edge stores on your hard drive, click on the button of Show more links.

In addition to this fact that common browsing data components described above, Edge contains the following advanced information also which can be cleared with the help of this interface:

  • Media licenses: There are the lot of many websites that run audio and video content incorporate methods to stop that content from being used or copied without their permission, which includes utilizing DRM (Digital Rights Management) licenses. Whichever sites are using DRM they have to choose to store their media licenses, unique identifiers and other data on your local hard drive to let them know that you gave permission or an opportunity to the users to download and view their content on future visits.
  • Location permissions: With the help of IP address website tries to get your location for many reasons generally related to the customizing an individual experience. Edge gives you an option but that option is totally depending on your wish that you would like to allow them or not and basically, all the record of the entire website is maintained locally on your hard drive.

When you are satisfied with your option, and then click on the button of CLEAR to delete all the data from your device.

Privacy and services

As you studied above Edge give an offer to their user to store immediately used username/password mixture on user’s hard drive so that you don’t have to write all over again when you visit a particular site as we mentioned above how to delete a save password, but the browser also permit you to choose a particular/ individual option to delete or edit them.

Steps for manage password interface:

First, you have to click on the More Action menu – represented by the three dots which is in horizontal and it is located in the upper right-hand corner then select the option Labeled Setting.

Now settings should be displayed on the screen. Scroll the button and click on the option of View advanced setting button. Again scroll down until you find the Privacy and services section.

If you see that Offer to save password option is enabled by default. You can choose the option of disabling this at any time by clicking on its button.

Saved Password

Now Manage Saved password of the edge should be displayed on the screen.  To delete a particular set of documentation, simply you have to click o the ‘X’ found to the right side in its same row. To change the username and/or password associated with an entry, click on its name formally to open the edit dialog.


As we studied above, how to delete all saved cookies in one clear drop Edge also allows you to specify the cookies which are accepted by your particular device. To redesign this setting, first go back to the privacy and services section of a set of edge interface. On the way to the bottom of this section is an option named as Cookies, follow by drop-down menu button containing the following alternatives.

1) Don’t BLOCK COOKIES: This is an option to save all cookies which are sent by the website to your hard drive

2) BLOCKS ALL COOKIES: This option for not store cookies at the time of your browsing session

3) BLOCK ONLY THIRD PART COOKIES: Third party cookies means which are associated with domains other than the one you are currently using. These types of cookies are originated with the help of advertisements, social media sharing button or other root found on the current page.

Saved from Entries

As we studied above that Edge can also save the information which you entered into web forms like phone number, address, and more personal things, but this functionality is enabled by default if you want to disable it then you have an option for it.

For disabling that option you have to do is, back to the option of privacy and services which you can found within edge’s setting interface

When you click on that you will notice that there is an option of Save from entries is enabled by default. All you have to do is to disable the option.

Protected Media License

As we mentioned above that, website which runs the audio and video content sometimes store media license and other Digital Right Management license data on your hard disk for an effort to stop unauthorized access  and also to ensure that the content which you are thinking to be able to view or listen to is beneficently approachable

To stop your website from saving this license all you have to do is:

First, go back to the option Privacy and Services then scroll it down till the times you cannot find proceed further

After this step now you are able to see an option let sites save protected media licenses on my device. To disable this feature, simply click on its accompanying button at once.

With the help of Cortana, how to clear browsing data in the cloud simply you have to follow some basic steps for it which are specified below:

  • First: Go to the link of within the Microsoft Edge.
  • Second: Click a button of settings which is in the left menu pane of the web page. With this, it will display the settings of Bing.
  • Third: Select the personalization option in the header of the page. All the settings of personalization will display on your screen.
  • Fourth: Scroll down to the point you find other Cortana data and personalized speech, linking and typing section and click on the clear button.
  • Fifth: At last you will be provoked to select the option as per your wish to delete the data from Microsoft servers or not. And click on the button of Clear to confirm your action.

The user can also stop Cortana from basic trick to providing assistance with the web browser. All you need to do the following steps:

  • First, go to the setting and select the section of privacy and service in Microsoft Edge.
  • Then you’ll see an option which is named as Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge.
  • Only click on it to disable this option.

Final Words:

So I hope you liked this post and now you are aware that how to manage or delete browsing data of Microsoft edge browser of Microsoft. If you have any doubt or queries then share your question with us via our contact us page.

I am Karan Bhardwaj, A Full-Time Blogger, and Learner. I am contributing here on MirchiTech to share my knowledge with all MirchiTech audience.


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