3 Stunning Strategies for Your Content Marketing


The success of any business is based on a lot of factors, including the quality of the product and a strong content marketing strategy. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to introduce your brand to a completely new audience. Here are three strategies that will help beat your competitors.

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1. Analyze the competition

Today, it’s hard to find a sphere of business without competition (unless you’re offering a unique product). Make sure that you know at least four or six of your main competitors. Analyze them in three ways:

  • Promotion channels (these can be their own resources, social networks, blogs, video blogs, etc. You’ll have to do it manually – by searching for brand requests and backlink services;
  • types of content (you need to learn what kind of content others use for promotion);
  • The periodicity of publications.

Based on this analysis, you’ll have a clear picture of your sphere and be able to find free niches. There may be a lot of options, and only careful analysis can make it possible to fill in the gaps.

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2. Select the right content types and formats

It’s time to choose the types and formats of your content. Here are a few formats depending on your goals.

Increase brand awareness

In this case, the content must show your area of expertise but be accessible to a wide range of people, not just those who are already familiar with your product.

Here are the examples of appropriate content:

  • video lessons;
  • success stories;
  • case studies;
  • Motivating content on social networks;
  • e-books.

Traffic increase

In this case, you should focus on the content that will always stay in sight and be associated with your sphere. These should work:

  • Targeted ads on social networks;
  • SEO-optimized content in blogs (hire content writers with the right skills);
  • Mentions in popular video blogs.

Don’t try to cover everything at once – take your resources and experience into account. For example, if you’re just starting a business, case studies may not be a great choice, so focus on what you can offer at the moment. Here’s another example: your company is small, and you don’t have the resources to shoot high-quality promotion videos. Investing huge resources to shoot one great video is unproductive. Just take the camera and shoot the “live from office” video or something like that.

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3. Make your content interactive

The Internet is oversaturated with content. No wonder why after reading some article or watching a video, people immediately forget about it. So they don’t bring companies any benefits.

If you create the content that requires users’ attention and calls for interaction with them, the probability engagement is much higher. The main thing here is to pull your potential clients out of daily routine, win their attention, and give the right dose of information. That’s when interactive content works perfectly. It is very dynamic: it captures users’ attention, and it’s fairly easy to create if you have skilled blog writers. There are dozens of interactive platforms for developing quizzes, polls, polls, and so on.

Interactive content has another advantage: you can use the data you collected to write new articles with even greater feedback.

A good content strategy will give you a chance to win the competition.

And one last thing

It doesn’t matter how far you are behind your competitors now, content marketing can push you a few steps forward. But there’s one important thing to consider: never forget about your audience. To come up with something that will stay in users’ minds, you need to be creative. Stay positive and don’t be afraid to experiment. You never know what will work best.


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