How To Insert Degree Symbol in Mac OS


Degree Symbol MacLike other kinds of the keyboard, on the Mac OS, the keyboard comes up with the necessary letters and symbols. But it also includes lots of hidden symbols that many of the users might not even know about it. These hidden symbols include many symbols like degree, apple logo, other mathematical and scientific symbol and much more.

Of course, at the keyboard first sight, a Mac keyboard doesn’t show any difference from other kinds of the keyboard that people uses often. In fact, apart from the symbols of Command and option in Mac keyboard, many people would not even think that they have something more on it.

Degree Symbol Mac Full Information

Degree Symbol Mac

Want to access those hidden symbols? Have you ever tried to access those hidden symbols? If not, then this might be helpful for you to insert the symbol of what you want to insert. But you need to read thoroughly the below-given things to access it in the proper way.

Here in this article, you people can find some of the excellent things that are interesting and fun to do with the Mac keyboard. From the symbols of apple logo to the degree symbol, here find the useful information on how to do with the procedure.

How to type the Degree symbol Mac OS with Keyboard Shortcuts?

Degree Symbol Mac

Have you ever wondered how to insert Degree symbol Mac OS? If you tried to type the temperature in the Mac system, sure you would have come across this struggle. Sometimes, even without having the sufficient knowledge of how to insert Degree Symbol Mac, it might be slightly difficult to insert the Degree symbol on the Mac OS.

After trying for several times, you might think as it’s not possible with the Mac system. But it’s completely wrong. Yah, of course, it is so easy to insert symbol if people know the proper shortcut of the keyboard.

Actually, there are two types of keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS are available; they allow the user to type any degree signs. If you follow those keyboard shortcuts, you can insert the degree temperature symbol on Mac system without any trouble. You can insert it exactly at the place where your cursor is being located.

Shortcuts to type Degree Symbol on Mac OS

  1. Option + shift + 8 – it produces the digits with degree symbols like 85o
  2. Option + k – it produces the result with Degree symbol Mac like 35o

These keyboard shortcuts are a universal language and can be supported by everywhere with which you can type the respective symbol in Mac OS. With these shortcuts, it doesn’t matter, what kind of external application that you have in your Mac system.

Despite having the software application, as long as there is the text entry point, with the help of these shortcuts, you can type the Degree Symbol Mac. whatever, be it messages, or pages, or word, or chrome or any other kind of word processor. Experts ensure that you can always insert the Degree symbol on your Mac system with the help of these keyboard shortcuts.

How to type the degree or Temperature symbol on Mac?

If you want to insert the Degree Symbol Mac by yourself while instead of using Mac shortcut keys, you have to do the following.

  1. Open an app where you can type like Messages, Text Edit, Note, Pages, etc. on the Mac
  2. Place your mouse cursor at the respective position where you wish to insert the degree symbol. This way you can type the respective character as usual.
  3. Press any one of the two keyboard shortcuts to insert the symbol of degree at the exact position
  • Option + k
  • Option + shift + 8

That’s it to do if you wish to insert the symbol of Degree on Mac OS. Of the given two shortcuts, you can use either one of the shortcuts, but personally many of the experts suggest using the first option which is Option + k since this seems like easy to remember. Above all, it depends upon each individual, just use the shortcut that you find easier.

While using these two keyboard shortcuts, people may find little difference between the results of each keyboard shortcuts. Till now, even now, experts could not tell why exactly this is happening or what for is. Experts suggest that perhaps it might differentiate between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. But no experts are sure for today.

So it is suggested for the people to just use whatever they like and whichever they want. Maybe choose the one keyboard shortcut which you find a lot easier to remember for a long time.

But perhaps the visibility of these symbols are different, in fact, if you people run the text to speech search engine, it shows the result as no difference between the two. After all, it doesn’t matter and all with a one-degree symbol that slightly differs or being smaller or larger from the other right. Just skip this thing, and use the shortcut that you find easier.

Aside from the size of the Degree Symbol Mac, however, it may like, people can tell right at the moment as a degree at their first sight right. Of course, this is what people to want for sure.

By the way, if you ever wish to insert the temperature don’t make it as the word; instead, give your document in the more professional while including the scientific and mathematical symbols.

If you want to use those hidden scientific, mathematical or other logo symbols, just make sure to look at the keyboard shortcuts that are provided by the experts. Want more shortcuts for the hidden symbols on the Mac OS? Just surf over the web and find the official website of Mac OS. Get in touch with the experts and ask your queries.

Clarify your doubts and make each and every process with your work so simple and easy while saving precious time.


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