Detailed Information About Postpaid And Prepaid | Postpaid Meaning


Hey there here I want to share detailed information about postpaid and prepaid and in my previous article I shared How to Check That Who Seen Our Messages in Whatsapp Group and if you are whatsapp user then you should visit there because that is the best information for you. Today many people who have whatsapp user wants to check that who seen our messages and whom not. So if you are also wan this then first read that post then come here and read this post.


Anyway postpaid and prepaid are most listened words in the mobile world so it is a very useful words and people are knows but still some people don’t know about that so here I covered the information for that type of users. So don’t forget to read it. Below I shared the detailed information about so read it.

Detailed information about postpaid and prepaid


What is postpaid and prepaid

I know you are mobile user and eighty five percent people are using mobile. And peoples are also knows about telecom companies. You know this is the type of withdRAW But here is different meaning. So prepaid mean you need to pay first before use and postpaid means you can pay the bill after you get service and used it and then pay it.

So this is the simple meaning of prepaid and postpaid. For example if you have the plan of bsnl broadband and you have the scheme of seven hundred fifty rupees then you can receive the incoming calls plus you can use the interent with high speed and after your one month end then you need to pay the bill. So this is the best example of postpaid.

Prepaid is most used service then postpaid. Idea , Vodafone , reliance jio , airtel are providing prepaid service also bsnl provide that service also. But you know that these companies are also providing a postpaid service on sim card.

If you are not pay the bill then you will rejected to use the service in next month some company takes the deposit to you before use this service. Many companies provide different type of service in postpaid and prepaid.

Prepaid service provides much service like talk time internet data 2g 3g and 4g roaming and much more. Post paid service also provides this type of services. But in bsnl broadband you cannot send messages but you can use the internet data without any limited because it is the unlimited data. So both companies are good but jio breaks the all records of Telecom Company.

Bsnl and ji are now in competition because jio provides cheapest internet scheme in india and bsnl also started that type of scheme. Anyway simply I want to say you that both companies are provides postpaid and prepaid services.

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