Free Download SHAREit for Android Latest Version


Download SHAREit for Android – Share it is one of the easiest ways to transfer the files between mobile, and the cannot have to use the USB cable, or the internet uses the share it for android mobile .so the internet connection have to download the said application in the pc. Download SHAREit for Android mobile can be used by the wifi hotspot to transfer the files. It may be very fast when I am compared to Bluetooth.

Download SHAREit can transfer files from different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. By using the direct wifi connections, share it can send files, photos, videos, and apps from one device to another. When it can work, it is awesome, and it cannot have little reason.

This app can be very successful in recent years. If you are still one of the people, they have not come to the perfect place. You have to find the direct download link of the app. it is one of the most outstanding features of the app, and it has multi support to offer you. It is compatible with the Windows operating system computers, Mac computers, a smartphone with the android ios n operating system or windows phone.

Download SHAREit for Android

Download SHAREit for Android Latest Version

The share it for android mobile can take with 71 seconds to send the 323 MB file. So you can also send the files and the apps between the android mobiles by sing the Download SHAREit for Android. If you want to use the share it for android mobile in your desktop pc you have to connect in a wifi LAN card .when you use the laptop so you cannot need any extra accessories .so the share it download for pc may be available for Android, I phone and windows phone.

Transfer & Share for Android

You have to install the set u file and get the share it for the Android mobile desktop icon. You can change the destination folder by going to settings. So the destination folder to store the received files. Then click on the three lines with a symbol in the top right corner that may show n the above screen.

  • And then click o the settings so the windows can change your computer name and you will see the name in another device by using share it for android mobile and click the advanced shows in the above screenshot.
  • Then you will see an extra field. After that click the browse and you can see the computer elders and select any of the drive or folder. You have selected the e drive, and it can create the share it folder an e drive. And you have to save it.
  • Download SHAREit can be available for the main devices and the types of equipment .it can have the versatility and download the installation is very simple. They cannot have any problem. And so you can download share for Android the latest version for the windows computer from the official download link can be provided.

SHAREit – Transfer & Share – Apps on Google Play

• Download SHAREit can share any type of file from one device to another.
• So the videos, photos, contacts and document, music files, etc.
• It can allow you to transfer the large files like movies or programs to a speed of 40 times faster than Bluetooth.
• It can support the sharing of groups up to five devices like smart phones or tablets wisely.
• They can easily share the files through share its apps to other devices.

SHAREit Apps on Google Play

Download SHAREit for Android

How to install an App on Your Pc?

You can install on the computer, and it is a very simple task .it can download to your computer and double-click to the file you have to downloaded to start the installation. They can do follow the instruction, and you are giving us to correctly on windows.

Send Audio and Video Files Between Devices

Share it is one of the best applications, and they can use in your daily life. It is widely used apps for Android in India. They can know because you can know the advantages of this app and you want to download share it for pc. They can share files from one device to another. It can be created to make it easy and easy to share any file between mobile devices.

Share it Review

Share it app download for mobile can do its core features of between two devices without using cloud storage. There is no certain required the platforms to through the app. they are certainly required platforms to share the files through the app. it has only functioned with any devices, and it is already installed. So the data can transfer can be done with up to five devices.

Share it Download Apk

The app can be connected to the devices for sending and receiving the data process can be performed. It is also a good chance to clone a device and send the files to it. Her are times band it can get the freeze when conducting rthedatad sending and receiving the process that can need to be restarted before the app. the app can create a direct connection to the device which’s the hotspot can be connected too.

These app characteristics can cause issues for this app. so the issues can be triggered by the connection that can take place on the different devices. The wifi connection and Bluetooth are not required the app can create a direct connection to the device, the hotspot is connected to. This shares it app downloading is also buggy. There has been a major problem when the transfer is finished, but the wireless is automatically disabled by the app itself.

Shareit For Android Apk


  • Free app
  • Multiplatform
  • Fast performance

Change The Log

  • You can optimize the connection on Android 7.1 and 8.0.
  • And Supported switching between any of the languages.
  • And you can simplify the login flow.
  • And your feedbacks can listen and it will reduce pop-up dialogs in the next version.


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