Free Download SHAREit for PC Latest Version For Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1/10]

Free Download SHAREit for PC – Want to transfer files between your smart devices? Of course, there were the days where even while knowing the downsides of using tool to exchange files, people had no other options to do so. But gone are these days when the people use Bluetooth to share files between two devices.

Being the game changer, shareit app uses people to exchange the files between devices. Shareit uses the direct feature of wifi device to share the media or other files between two documents. Shareit is the unique application that is used to transfer the files of different formats between two smart devices.

Download SHAREit for PC

Free Download SHAREit for PC Latest Version

Shareits app is free of cost to use, and this app works well with windows, android, and other kinds of famous platforms. In recent years, shareit, the file sharing app, has become successful and well known for its excellent performance. Moreover, one of the main features of this app is that it includes multiplatform support.

This means that the shareits app can be used on smart devices with any kind of platform. If you are the one who has still not downloaded the app, make sure that you have download shareit for windows 10 and installed this on your device.

This way you can get the beneficial features of the app for exchanging various files between two devices. If you are the one who is searching to Download Shareit for pc, then you have come to the right place. Here take a look at this article and know the requirements and features of shareits app.

Download SHAREit for PC

Features of Shareit App

Because of its excellent features, these days, shareit app had become more and more popular among the users. Its wonderful features are given below

  • Super fast

It is one of the main features of the shareit app. As compared to Bluetooth performance, it enables the exchanging formats 200 times faster than those tools. Moreover, the speed of 20mbps can be achieved with normal conditions. You can also download SHAREit for Laptop.

  • Cross-platform

Shareit is platform independent app which allows exchanging of files between two devices. You can also use shareit Lenovo to share the files.

  • Support multiple platforms

This app supports almost any kind of major file formats, which includes apk files, mp3 and mp4 files, pdf files or other kinds of documents.

  • Can connect mobile device and pc

Another advantage of using shareit for pc is it allows transfer of files between phone and pc or vice versa

  • No network restriction

To use shareits app, the user need not be connected with an internet connection.

Download SHAREit for PC

Steps to Download Shareit for Pc

After knowing its wonderful feature, many of the users decide to use this app. Are you the one want to make better use of shareits app? To achieve this, consider Download Shareit for pc. This way, you can transfer the files between devices in an instant. No idea about its downloading procedure? Don’t worry and just take a look at the below-given steps to use the shareit app

  1. Install shareit on pc
  2. Download SHAREit for PC according to your windows version
  3. For instance, if you are using windows 8, then you need to Download Shareit for pc windows 8
  4. Now the setup fill will get installed
  5. Then, the shareit icon will get displayed on your screen
  6. Open the Download SHAREit for PC, and it will show some instructions
  7. Click on don’t show button again to stop showing it in future
  8. In settings option, you can change the destination folder if you want
  9. Also, you can change your username

Download For PC

How to Use Shareits Application?

Here in this guide, let’s see about how the exchange process in shareit for Windows XP takes place between two smart devices with different platforms. Moreover, the same procedure is followed while exchanging the files between two smart devices for any devices with different platforms or the same. You can also download SHAREit for Laptop.

To share files or folder between smart devices, it should meet the following requirements,

  • The smart devices which need to exchange files must have the wifi functionality.
  • Note: only wifi is required, but no data connection is necessary
  • To start the exchanging process between two smart devices, all the user need to have is the shareit application on both of the devices. You can easily get the shareit downloads for pc.

Steps to Exchange Files with Shareit

  • Open the shareits app on your device
  • Choose to send option
  • Choose the files or documents that you want to share with other devices
  • Once you select the respected files, click ok to go further
  • No, the app will search for the available nearby devices with ShareIT
  • Open the shareits app on another device
  • Click on the receive button
  • Now the app will display the nearby device
  • Tap on the respective device from your own, so that your device can start receiving the files from the other device.
  • In order to transfer the files from pc to mobile device, or mobile device or pc or vice versa, you have to follow the same procedure.

As the advancement in technology, many apps have been developed which serves in the best way to perform its task in a quicker manner. When it comes to the exchanging of files between two devices, Download SHAREit for PC app is the first thing that comes to people mind. It’s all because of its excellent features and quicker process.

The wonderful features contained in this app helps the user to quickly transfer the files between two smart devices without needing to use external drives or tools. Thus, make sure to use shareit for windows 7 free download and use this excellent performance to share the files between devices. Now the shareits app is available for pc and laptop and it is compatible with all windows operating versions like windows 7,8,8.1, and 10.


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