How to Download SuperSU APK or ZIP on Android?


If you are planning to use a rooted Android device, you must have SuperSU APK which shall provide you access to all your application on your rooted phone. Many applications ask for root privilege, when you would complete rooting process for your Android device. For such apps, you have SuperSU tool as it gives superuser access to all the important apps on your device. In fact, this application will help you to manage root settings of your rooted device. Overall, this tool is unique and highly helpful for this purpose. A lot of users opt for this tool for its user-friendly features as well as options.

SuperSU Root APK has been developed by XDA Developers. This application offers an excellent option for accessing root privilege apps of the Android based devices. There would be various Superuser management tools. In facts, users have more than one such tool installed on their systems. SuperSU can also help resolving access management issues with other applications that you use for root management. SuperSU Zip is a pro version of this software and it comes with a lot of additional benefits in offering. Those additional benefits are discussed below. Knowing these benefits will help users to find the answer to what is SuperSU?

SuperSu APK

Salient Features or SuperSU V2.82

  • Option for unroot device temporarily
  • Superuser access notifications prompt and logging
  • Helping in recovery process
  • Detecting deep processing
  • Notifying p[re-app configurations and settings
  • Helping Android to boot properly
  • Ghost mode available
  • Prompts for waking up
  • It works well with shell locations which are non-standardized
  • Helping to survive backup script
  • Auto-deny countdown adjustment
  • Options available for themes to be selected
  • Security protection with unique PIN
  • OTA survival availability
  • User override option
  • Command content logging with complete colour coding
  • Granting or denying root to an app for a specific span of time

Salient Benefits of SuperSU

After understanding features, it is important to understand benefits of this tool. Understanding the benefits is important, as you can be able to take advantages of the features of this tool with more seamlessness in this case. It will help you to understand how to use SuperSU.

  • With the help of this robust tool, it gets easy to unroot.
  • This tool helps to get simplified device space partition.
  • It also helps in simplifying approach and design of your device.
  • It will be easier to use OTA with the device when this tool is installed.
  • The tool has the ability to interpret unnecessary things for Android and it excludes them meticulously.
  • If you do not have Kernel compatible installation, you do not need to worry as SuperSU will let your device to get soft brick.

Understanding Process to Download SuperSU APK

The process of SuperSU APK download has been described below. Users should follow the steps as mentioned.

  1. At first, click on SuperSU zip file link to initiate the process to download SuperSU APK.
  2. Now, open ES File Explorer on your mobile screen. Then go to MicroSD section, which means your external memory chip storage area. Now, you have to tap on
  3. You shall get some options on your screen and you have to press “install”.
  4. If you get the message saying “installation blocked”, you need to go to the Settings page. Under Settings, you have to tap open “Lock Screen and Security” and then tap again on “Enable Unknown Sources”.
  5. Now, you shall get a message saying “Do you want to install this application?” Tap on the install button to continue.
  6. As installation process gets completed, you shall find a message that tells “App Installed”.
  7. Go to the menu of your phone and find SuperSU application icon. Press this icon.
    It will ask whether you are “New User” or “Expert”. Click on “New User” if you are a new user.
  8. A message shall come up stating “The SU binary requires to be updated. Continue?” Hit “Continue” button and then tap “Normal.”
  9. Wait till installation gets completed.
  10. After complete installation, you should reboot your device.
  11. The software would ask you to follow it on its special media profiles. Click on “Follow” to follow SuperSU pro APK otherwise ignore this step.

This is how the process to download SuperSU would come to the end.


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