How to Download WhatsApp Status Video | 30 Sec DP Status Video


It’s quite interesting to see the video stories as WhatsApp Status in place of text based quotes. Do You know how it is possible? The collage and the videos Attached with different contact names looks so interesting and revealing. However, they automatically get deleted in a span of 24 hours.

Saving videos that someone is displayed as a status is very easy. We have included some of the tricks to Download WhatsApp status love videos through easy download methods –

Keeping love quotes or songs in written text form are long forgotten stories now. Currently, WhatsApp status video is exactly what is rule in the chart.

WhatsApp Status

Method 1 – Checking up The WhatsApp Status Folder

A single top won the status of a friend transport you to the status folder on Norbert, Marshmallow and lollipop Android versions. The status folder prohibits you to save any WhatsApp status into your gallery. You have to unhide this particular folder to copy the WhatsApp status videos and photos of other people. The good news is that no routing is required to do this.

Later on, you can disable WhatsApp 30 seconds video limit easily. you can choose to post more than 30 second video by these method –

Steps to unhide .Statuses folder to save whatsapp status Videos

  • WhatsApp stories – visit device storage – WhatsApp – medium -. Statuses folder
  • or
  • My Files :> Device Storage :> Whatsapp :> Media :>
  • Unhide by using more option.
  • Save WhatsApp status in your phone gallery through this technique

After the installation of file explorer follows the below steps:

  • Open the file explorer application on your mobile.
  • Go to Mobile storage.
  • Open the Whatsapp folder.
  • Then open the Media named folder.
  • Then click three dots at the top left corner of the screen.
  • In the option enable the Show Hidden Files option.
  • A folder will appear in light color.
  • Open the folder and now you can see both the videos and images, which are currently status of your friends.
  • That’s it, you are done…!

You need to unhide usingĀ More Setting:> Show hidden files your file manager apps.

Method 2 – Screen capturing apps/screenshot

Another easiest way to Captivate WhatsApp status download and images is by using screenshot feature. Available particularly in iPhone, Samsung and Redmi devices, the screenshot immediately records the WhatsApp videos for the ones who cannot install the recording apps.

Also, you can immediately record the phone screen with the help of QuickTime player, iOS recorder or Dr Fone application. With the help of unlimited screen recorder for iOS, you can now download WhatsApp status in your phone gallery.

Method 3 -story saver app for WhatsApp status Download

The story saver app is another beautiful application that is available in apk version. It is not officially present and you have to download it from the internet as a third party app. The much featured application allows you to save WhatsApp video status and WhatsApp photo story within your gallery folder very easily. All you have to do is –

  • Install story saver for WhatsApp apk from internet
  • You can also install a similar application available on Playstore by searching for the same
  • Open the application and press up on recent stories button
  • Select the photo / video story available in your smartphone
  • Download icons and copy the same to WhatsApp status by using Re post button

The best is to respect the privacy of your friends and ask their permission before you are downloading the status. Hopefully, these three ways of downloading the WhatsApp status story are useful and one and more ways. My personal favorite technique is to Captivate the screenshot of the status displayed on your smartphone. The lag free and promising way immediately get saved in your gallery and doesn’t need any application for internet connection to do so.

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