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How to Apply for Driving License – In the current Era, affinity for Driving Two and four wheeler is highly magnified. In order to legalize you’re driving, need for driving license arises. This article is going to discuss about applying for driving license in few important steps.

As per motor vehicles Act 1988, every Indian citizen is expected to carry a validated driving license while driving a car or bike. In case the person does not carry the license while driving, it will be identified as a punishable offence. Driving license can be achieved by visiting the Regional Transport Office / RTO.

The process of applying for driving license is very simple. in fact, you can choose online driving license apply to avoid any hatches and delay.

Driving License
Driving License

Steps for Applying Driving License Online

Step 1 – visit the official website of ministry of road transport and highways

official website

Step 2 – input the important information in the empty fields

Step 3 – click go. the website will automatically take you to the last and all detail

Step 4 – submit request section and select RTO available in the dropdown menu

Step 5 – to apply to state and RTO Scan and proceed to the next

How to Submit Application for Driving License Online?

Step 1 – visit Sarathi website of ministry of road and transport and highways

Step 2 – view the screen on your left hand side where you will get driving license option

Step 3 – select online apply and from the dropdown menu select new driving license

Step 4 – select the instructions to be filled for submitting your driving license form. Press continue button

Step 5 – based upon above mentioned information, you will be asked to enter your defense license number/DL number / license number

Step 6 – you will be expected to enter your date of birth in date, month and year format

Step 7 – Once the information has been filled, press ok

Step 8 – enter your personal details including your address, name and age

Step 9 – upload your passport size picture along with your signature. (ensure that you keep the scanned copies ready before hand)

Step 10 – after the documents have been uploaded online, you will be expected to choose the suitable timing for the DL appointment. Input The correct date and time which suits you the best for taking a DL test

Step 11 – after you make the payment, the official website would submit your application form successfully and it will be forwarded to RTO

Step 12 – make sure you reach few minutes early on the appointment date to give your driving test

What important documents are required to be submitted for driving license?

How to Apply for Learner’s License Online?

Applying for a learner license is generally lesser time consuming. It is acquired during the initial stage of learning a vehicle. With an introduction of online learner’s license application facility, forget about facing long queues and time consuming procedures.

Important documents required for applying for learners license

  • Fitness declaration
  • identity proof
  • medical certificate
  • ration card
  • voter ID card
  • age proof

What is the difference between learner’s license and driver’s license?

Indian government issues two types of driving license; The permanent license and the learner’s license. The validity of the latter is only 6 months. it is provided to the people who have just begun to learn driving vehicles. And individual has to obtain the permanent license after passing the practical and written examination that takes place after the issue of Learner’s license. Permanent DL is only obtainable after one receive a learner’s license. At least one month gap should be present between two applications.

How to Apply for Driving License in RTO office / offline

People who are reluctant to go for online method of applying driving license can go for the straight forward of line method. The steps are mentioned below that describe how to apply for a driver license offline –

Steps 1 – obtain the form 4 from the motor vehicle driving license. You can either download the form online or choose to visit RTO office

Step 2 -fill the form completely and input correct details in each slot

Step 3 -schedule for a driving license test and submit the required fee

Step 4 -remain present at the driving license center on the decided date. After the test is cleared, you will be awarded with a learners driving license on the spot. Also, it might be sent to your registered address

Step 5 -the driving school is also helpful in applying for a driving license

What should I do if I Lost my Driving License?

Having a driving license is more than a compulsion. It is an identity proof and a legal certificate to drive a vehicle in your country. Losing your driving license needs immediate application for a duplicate one.

What do you need to do if you lose your driving license -?

  • Visit the police station and get a complaint registered
  • Visit the notary center and get a stamp paper that would act as an oath before the concerned officer about the lost license

How to Give the Driving License Test?

  • Permanent driving license is obtainable after 30 days of learner’s license issue.
  • The candidate needs to submit relevant documents along with the fee
  • Different states have different methods of driving license acquirement process
  • In order to acquire for a four wheeler driving license, you need to write a card in order to signify your skills. The candidate must use indicator, apply brake and hand signals whenever needed. Also, using gears smoothly and side/ rear view Mirrors are important.

How long does it take for the driving license to reach me?

It takes around 30 days after you give the test for the driving license to reach you. Make sure that the submitted documents are error free and you prepare well for the conducted examination. Only after you qualify the practical and theoretical driving test, driver license reaches your home on due date.

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