Best Facebook Video Online Download For Android App List 2018


Facebook Video Online Download – Social media is commonly used for the sharing the message, videos and photos with friend at any time wit support of the internet connection. It is one of the user-friendly applications with the updated features and even it updated with new features to obtain the special comfort to make use of the apps over the smart phone.

If you want to download the shared videos by friends, you just go with the suitable videos downloader apps and it really works well on your device without meeting any trouble. Even you can find out facebook video downloader chrome and it allow user to download the videos from the friends profile and other social pages of your facebook.

Let we discuss the list of the Facebook video downloader apps to enjoy videos download the wish videos to watch at offline.

Facebook Video Online Download

Facebook Video Online Download App List:

1. Video Downloader for Facebook

This Video downloader is one of the most updated video download for the android and it is applicable to download the videos in fine manner. Here the facebook videos cannot download from your facebook timeline and you cannot able to download the videos from the group.

To download such the apps, the user is requested to go with the Google play store, which is available to download with the zero cost.

It is one of the facebook private video downloader, which can user over the android device, and downloads the videos in fine manner. Once you install such apps over the respective device and it allows downloading videos by friends, groups and by you.

Even you can find out the collection of the funny videos and download to save videos to gallery and share the videos from the same facebook id. Note: this application is not affiliated and endorsed by the official network of facebook.

FastVid: Video Downloader for
FastVid: Video Downloader for
Developer: FastVid
Price: Free

2. FB Video Download Free:

The FB videos download Free apps specially designed to download the videos from facebook account and it let free to browse t the news feed and other pages of the friends to choose the videos and download the wish videos to watch at offline.

Here the facebook video download apps can install in fine manner without meeting any risk and has no required of the additional software. This application can able to install over the all version of the android smart phone so it is suitable for the all-android user to install and download the videos without meeting risk of it.

This application takes very less space in your phone and it never affect your mobile device to make use with no risk of it.

When you come to install such the apps over device, you have chance to meet some additional problem, user are requested to go with official site and get support. It is applicable to get support at any time to install the FB Video Download Free without meeting any risk of it.

How to make use?

  • Click on the Browse of the facebook link from the respective mobile
  • Login with the user id and password
  • Check out the videos which want to download
  • Click on the videos
  • Now click the download to download videos

3. HD Video Download for Facebook

These applications designed with high-end features, which allow the user, make use with the user-friendly manner. It built with new features such it can be make use in easy manner. It is safe and lightweight to install and make use over the device.

It can allow watching the videos and saving them if you needs. This downloaded works only in the Facebook and it is not affiliated by the respective network of the facebook. This HD Video Download for Facebook allows downloading the videos with the HD quality and it is provide additional support to watch the videos with the fine quality.

Here it allows the download the videos to download the videos with the different quality so it works well on your device. Even this application gets update with the additional features every time so work well on your device with the additional comfort without meeting any trouble on it. It has update videos to make downloading task with the mush faster and it is let us download the videos with the high definition and watch during the offline.

HD Video Downloader
HD Video Downloader
Developer: Phela Apps
Price: Free

4. Video Downloader For Facebook

Most of the friend wish downloads the videos but it is not possible without having additional apps. Here the Video Downloader for Facebook is applicable to download the videos from the group and pages at any time and it can store in the gallery of your Smartphone.

This app lets the user to browse with support of the internet connection and with the respective facebook account then can simple and to watch the video without worrying about anything. Even if you are new and not getting any ideas to make use such the apps, just go with the below steps which provide the great and effective steps

  • Choose the facebook from the android phone and browse
  • Now login with respective ideas your wall
  • Now choose wish videos which want to play
  • Then you can download the videos and store in the wish location of the device.
  • Now click yes to download videos without meeting any trouble on it.
Video Downloader for Facebook
Video Downloader for Facebook

5. Video Downloader for Facebook:

Video Downloader for Facebook is one of the most common apps that search by all people in the browser. Here this app can end up the major search and download direct from the website and install over the mobile.

Then it will be applicable to download the videos which uploaded by the you, your groups and other pages which you subscribed. Then download Facebook Video can be watch and share with your friend in risk free manner. apart from that, you can make use of this apps for the music download from the facebook without any risk of it.

Video Downloader for Facebook
Video Downloader for Facebook
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Apart from that, you can download facebook videos iphone also from the wish website and download to watch without meeting any risk of it.  This app allows downloading the YouTube videos music so it supports number of the user to watch the videos offline.

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