How to Find Android Smartphone Using a PC


If you’ve misplaced your Android smartphone then we have a perfect solution for you to find your smartphone with the Android device manager. It is an application launched by Google. It is a free web app to find smartphones.

How to Find Android Smartphone Using PC

How to Find Android Smartphone Using a PC

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Today we will explain you step by step guide on:

  • How to find your smartphone recent location.
  • How to make your phone ring back from silent mode.
  • How to lock the phone so thieves will never access your personal data.
  • How to erase entire data of your phone, in case you didn’t get back in your hands.

What is Android Device Manager?

Let’s dig into this question and explain to you what Android device manager is and how it actually works.

Well, before that I would like to tell you that “Android Device Manager” is also available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as for wearable devices based on Android OS.

In order to access the “Android Device Manager” you need to sign in exact same Gmail ID which you used on your lost smartphone.

Google will ask you to accept the T&Cs (Terms & Conditions) in order to use your settings of your smartphone basically it needs information to access your smartphone location.

This app comes with 4 primary features:

  • It will show you last location of your phone via Map.
  • Allow you to ring back your phone, so if it is near to you, you can find out.
  • Give you access to lock your smartphone screen for safety purposes.
  • Enable functionality to erase your entire smartphone data.

The Map will show you exact last location of your smartphone via Google Maps and the accuracy level is set to 800 meters.

How to Ring Back Your Phone, if it is in Silent Mode?

You are using Android Device Manager, then YES it has this option to enable the settings to make your phone ring back from silent or vibrate mode to ring mode.

Once you click on the “RING” icon and you will get an instant text on your ADM app to tell you that smartphone now rings on the highest volume.

This feature is an awesome one when you have forgotten your phone somewhere in your house like the back of a sofa, bundled in your bed sheet like that.

Isn’t it cool guys? Tell me in the comment section below.

How to Lock Your Lost Smartphone Screen?

What you have Ring back your smartphone but you cannot find your phone yet? Then you need to secure it from others to access your phone.

We suggest you to first, create a lock screen which will prevent your phone from unauthorized people.

To do this task, you need to click on “Lock” icon.

Then a new window will appear and you will get questions like below:

  • Password
  • A Message
  • An alternative contact number

By sharing above information’s, you will not only be able to secure your smartphone but you help Google to find your phone. If you don’t put a lock screen on your phone because of being lazy to unlock your phone every time than you need to change this habit right now.

You should always lock your screen and should not wait to lose it and using ADM kind of apps to bring back your phone.

Usually, we have logged in to multiple accounts such as Social Media, Emails, and other accounts. Without lock screen, the thief or the person who grabs your phone has access to all your device data and accounts so make sure to secure everything before lost your phone suddenly.

How to Erase Entire Phone Data of Your Lost Phone?

If you have done everything we share above and still you haven’t found your lost smartphone then you need to take a big action which may affect your sweet memory and official stuff but this step is best when you don’t have your phone and it will never come back to your hand now.

I am talking about erasing entire data from the phone via Android Device Manager, and if you have set your mind to erasing your all data and make your phone to Factory reset like when you first received it.

Why are we suggesting you erase all data?

If the phone has been stolen not lost, then it may have cost you more than you think because the phone could be handed in the somebody hands who can use your personal data to ruin your life because we save all personal moments on the phone these days.

Your pictures, videos, apps, bank accounts and much more. All of these things can be used to sell to hackers and other who can ruin this stuff and your personal life. Fortunately, Google allows us to erase entire data of phone via remotely. If you can’t get your phone back then at least you can protect your personal data.

How to Erase Entire Data Via Android Device Manager?

To do this, all you need to do is to click on “Erase” icon.

You will get a message more app on the screen and it will show you reset the phone to factory settings.

YES, it is not acceptable for your heart but you need to do this to secure your life. Just press the button ok to erase everything and make yourself secure.

Bonus Tip:

Try to access all your accounts and change the password to tough one immediately. So your accounts will be safe and the thief will never get a chance to access your entire data except for your phone.

Final Conclusion:

So finally, you have the perfect solution to follow when you have lost your Android smartphone and want to Find Android Smartphone then I hope now you got your solution. If you have any doubt or questions please use our contact us page form to reach out to me and I will get back to you with more tips and tricks.

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